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"Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu Geinin" Masaru and Yoshimoto Kogyo Company group members paid a visit to Prefectural Governor Ogawa!

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One year on since his "Fukuoka Sumimasu Geinin" appointment, Masaru provided an update of his efforts so far!

The Yoshimoto Kogyo Company group's "Anata no Machi ni ‘Sumimasu’ Project" (lit. trans. "'Living' in Your Town Project" is about "local comedians based in every prefecture (47 administrative divisions) in Japan sharing the power of laughter with people in their area! Appointed in March 2017, Masaru is a third generation "Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu Geinin" (lit.: Comedian Living in Fukuoka Prefecture). He gave an update of his activities to Fukuoka Prefectural Governor Ogawa.

Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu GeininFrom left: YOSHIMOTO CREATIVE AGENCY Co., LTD. Area Center - Kyushu Area Manager Shinichi Nakashima, Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu Geinin Masaru, Fukuoka Prefectural Governor Hiroshi Ogawa , YOSHIMOTO CREATIVE AGENCY Co., LTD. Chairman and Representative Director Masataka Izumi, and unaluz Representative Director Kazumitsu Shimizu

Masaru's endeavours over the past year!

Masaru visited the prefectural offices dressed as his character "Hakata no Oisan."(lit.: Hakata local guy) He also spoke in a thick Hakata dialect!! He has been introducing the charming appeal of Fukuoka Prefecture wherever he has visited! So, what exactly has Masaru been up to during this last year? He became a comedy captain for a day and took charge of a fun sightseeing tour along the Nakagawa River, Fukuoka City! He also helped establish an event called "Aozora Kagetsu" in the Asakura region, which was badly affected by the torrential rain that hit Northern Kyushu last summer. Under blue skies, comedians shared funny stories about a range of topics! They also provided people with toshikoshi soba (noodles eaten on New Year's Eve)! Governor Ogawa expressed his gratitude, noting that "warm soba helps warm the body! You've brought a lot of happiness to the locals. Thank you very much."

Here is Masaru passionately talking about "Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu Geinin's" activities this past year.

There was time for Masaru to deliver a few skits! Including a one-man Hakata Gion Yamakasa-themed routine!

As the conversation began to flow, Masaru delivered a fast-paced routine with a perplexed look on his face. During the skit he pretended to be participating in Hakata Gion Yamakasa. However, the circumstances were a little unexpected! Everyone thought that he was going to impersonate the men who participate in the Yamakasa race, but he actually pretended to be one of the decorative Kakiyama floats!! It was the perfect act for a "Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu Geinin!" His love for Fukuoka Prefecture was clearly evident and sent waves of laughter throughout the room!

Here is Masaru pretending to be one of the decorative Kakiyama floats that appear during Hakata Gion Yamakasa!

Could it really happen?! The day when a localized Vocaloid system will be used as a kind of virtual tourism ambassador seems to be approaching!

After Masaru's update, YOSHIMOTO CREATIVE AGENCY Co., LTD. Chairman and Representative Director Izumi spoke about the production of a "Gotochi Vocaloid" (lit. locally specific Vocaloid) system alongside unaluz Representative Director Shimizu.

Vocaloid is a type of singing software that is used to synthesize voices. The characters in the program begin to sing once the user has entered lyrics and a musical scale into the system. The Yoshimoto Kogyo Group is planning to produce a localized Vocaloid program in Fukuoka Prefecture together with local companies and businesses. Could there be a time when the voice of Masaru and other performers that have love for Fukuoka will help share the enduring appeal of the local area with Vocaloids? We can't wait to see the Fukuoka Gotochi Vocaloid program once it has been completed! (Editorial Dept.: Harty)

Fukuoka-ken Sumimasu GeininHere is YOSHIMOTO CREATIVE AGENCY Co., LTD. Representative Director Izumi (second from left) and unaluz Representative Director Shimizu (right) providing some more details about the production of a "Gotochi Vocaloid" system.

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