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The "HAIKYU!!" stage play is finally coming to an end ― 23 & 24 April (Fri & Sat) at Kitakyushu Soleil Hall!

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The passionate drama played by amazing actors makes you tremble with excitement!

Written by manga-ka Furudate Haruichi, "HAIKYU!!" is a volleyball manga which finished in July 2020, and its stage play series is going to reach its climax soon! Five and a half years after its first play in 2015, "HYPER PROJECTION ENGEKI "HAIKYU!!": The View from the Summit 2" will be the 11th and final performance. It will begin in March 2021 in Tokyo, and reach Fukuoka on 23 & 24 April (Fri & Sat)! Hyper projection play is described as a "hybrid performance", a combination of manga, stage play and video by high technology and analog. The new kind of sensation experience impresses every audience, as it makes you feel as if you have come to the real match depicted in the manga♪ The play features the "battle of little giant" between the protagonist Hinata Shoyo, and his rival in the quarterfinal of the spring national high school volleyball match who belongs to Kamomedai High School ― Hoshiumi Korai. In addition, it also features the story after their graduation. With the drama and battles performed by Daigo Kotaro (plays Hinata Shoyo) and other young actors, and their passionate sweat, the "HAIKYU!!" stage play brings a kind of excitement that can only be seen on stage. Can't wait to see it! (Editorial Dept.: Nika)

HYPER PROJECTION ENGEKI "HAIKYU!!": The View from the Summit 2

- Original story: Furudate Haruichi "HAIKYU!!" (published in Japan by SHUEISHA JUMP COMICS)
- Direction, screenplay: Worry Kinoshita
- Music: Wada Syunsuke
- Cast: Daigo Kotaro / Akana Ryunosuke / Yamamoto Ryosuke, Oribe Yoshinari, Kanegae Ko, Kitazawa Yuma, Nakatani Yushin, Morimoto Shota, Takikawa Koudai, Ichinose Ryu, Fukuda Yuya /
Somekawa Sho, Yasukawa Rina, Sagawa Daiki /
Okubo Satomi, Yamamoto Julie / Kamakari Kenta, Ogasawara Ken /
Kiyama Ryu, Emoto Koki, Shintani David, Sankoda Yoshiki, Hayashi Yuki, Furuta Ibuki, Zaitsu Yutaro /
Sakuraba Haruto, Takasaki Shungo, Higashi Takumi /
Kawasaki Yusaku /
Matsushima Yunosuke /
Kawashita Taiyo /
Asuma Kousuke

- Official Website: https://www.engeki-haikyu.com/
- Twitter: @engeki_haikyu



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