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No one can lose ー KINGDOM series in "Minna no Kuji"♪

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Awesome cool blankets! You'll definitely "win" popular anime items!

みんなのくじ KINGDOM
Art panels (9 types in total)
If you draw it, you will definitely "win" official merchandise items ― "Minna no Kuji" (lit.: everyone's lot). A new series "Minna no Kuji KINGDOM" will be launched from 27 Feb (Sat)! Written by manga-ka Hara Yasuhisa, "KINGDOM" is a historical manga series that depicts the chaotic Chinese Sengoku period in a grand scale. The story follows the growth of Shin, who became an orphan boy after the war and wish to become a general; and a young king, Ei Sei, who aims to unify China.

It is gathering much attentions, as not only that a sequel followed by the live-action movie released in 2019 has been confirmed, the third series of TV animation is scheduled to resume from April 2021! Furthermore, prizes are divided into 7 grades ― A to G (32 types in total), with a wide range of must-see items: square blankets (75cm in length/width) with the image of flags representing Hishintai, Gyokuhoutai and Gakukatai; keychains that you can press a button and play characters' quotes; art panels with the images of main characters; etc. "Minna no Kuji" is available at shops including hobby shops and bookshops all over Japan! Check the official website for more information♪ (Editorial Dept.: Nika)
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
Blankets (3 types in total)
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
Keychains with characters' voice (4 types in total)
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
Coasters (6 types in total)
みんなのくじ KINGDOM
Plate Noodle Stoppers (10 types in total)


みんなのくじ (Minna no Kuji) KINGDOM

- "Minna no Kuji" Official Website ("Minna no Kuji KINGDOM" info): http://f-ch.jp/kuji1171/
- "Minna no Kuji" Twitter:@minnanokuji



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