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Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -


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FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu

Enjoy a rickshaw ride, stroll through the old-fashioned “retro” city streets, and take in the fresh sea air!

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -
Mojiko is located in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The area is situated in the northernmost part of Kyushu. It is here that you can find the Kanmon Straits, a famous stretch of water that separates Kyushu and Honshu. Once a prosperous international trading port, Mojiko is lined with historic buildings inspired by Western architecture. JR Mojiko Station (which was built in the early 1900s), the Former Moji Mitsui Club, and The former Osaka Shosen Mercantile Steamship Co. building are some examples that highlight the international vibe of the local area. The "Mojiko Retro District" has the vibe of an overseas city. It feels like the kind of place that might be used as a backdrop in a movie! Indonesian influencers Stefi and Ayu started their adventures in a pulled rickshaw. This "retro taxi" proved to be the ideal mode of transport to explore the city. It looked as if they traveled back in time! The 1.2km journey, which went at a leisurely pace and lasted for about 12 minutes, took in some of the Mojiko Retro District's most eye-catching tourist attractions!
Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -JR Mojiko Station has been restored to its former glory. It now resembles how it first looked when it was built over 100 years ago. The front of the station has such a classic design. It is the perfect spot to take a photograph!

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -The Former Moji Mitsui Club was built in 1921 and once served as an accommodation facility. Did you know that Albert Einstein once stayed there?

StefiStefi: The Mojiko Retro District is full of incredible buildings! You’ll definitely want to take a stroll and enjoy the area! The rickshaw is so much fun and it is a really smooth ride! I want lots of Indonesian people to experience a day out in the area!

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -
Whizzing through the city streets while taking in the sea breeze is so exhilarating!

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -Why not check out the modern "Blue Wing Moji" drawbridge? This "Lover’s Bridge" has become a popular spot for visitors. It has even been selected as one of Japan's "Lovers Sanctuaries!"

AyuAyu: I was excited to ride a rickshaw for the first time! I was surprised when the person pulling the rickshaw lifted up the carriage. It was also a shock to see the "Blue Wing Moji" bridge split into two section! The technology is so cool!

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -During this trip, our rickshaw ride was operated by "EBISUYA Kanmon-ten!" The company helps share the charming appeal of the Mojiko Retro District through their rickshaws.


Mojiko Retro District / 門司港レトロ

Kitakyushu City Official Website (Mojiko Retro info): https://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/moji/w1100362.html

EBISUYA Kanmon-ten / えびす屋 関門店
- Official Website: http://ebisuya.com/en/branch/index.html#branch_kanmon

* All information correct as of October 2021.


Stefi and Ayu
(From the left) Ayu and Stefi

Stefi (Stephanie Pricilla Indarto Putri)
- Twitter: @sutepiii
- Instagram: @sutepiii
- YouTube: HERE!

Ayu (Sasaki Ayu)
- Instagram: @sasaki_lisana

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Kokura Castle
Kokura Castle
[Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City]
Kitakyushu Manga Museum
Kitakyushu Manga Museum
[Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City]
[Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City]



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