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Chikugo Nanakoku / 筑後七国

Fukuoka Virtual Travel
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 简体字 繁體字 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia

Let's tour around the 7 unique "kuni" (kingdoms)♪

Chikugo Nanakoku
"Chikugo Nanakoku" (lit.: Seven kingdoms in Chikugo) consists of 5 cities and 2 towns in the Chikugo area and are located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, with Chikugo-Funagoya Station (served by the Kyushu Shinkansen) as the centre point. The 7 cities and towns refer to "Takumi no Kuni (Kingdom of Artisans): Okawa", "Mizu no Kuni (Kingdom of Water): Yanagawa", "Koku no Kuni (Kingdom of Grains): Ooki", "Koi no Kuni (Kingdom of Love): Chikugo", "Sachi no Kuni (Kingdom of Fortune): Miyama", "Ka no Kuni (Kingdom of Fruits): Hirokawa", and "Cha no Kuni (Kingdom of Tea): Yame". The tourism videos introduce each of their unique characteristics by regarding each of them as an individual "kuni" (kingdom), and at the same time integrate them into one tourism spot. Who you will see in the videos are calligraphy artist Hara Airi and comedian Nendo Daisuke, who is fluent in Chinese! Some parts are introduced in Chinese, and you will feel as if you are travelling together with them when they show how they enjoy the sightseeing spots and gourmet food in each place! Ms Hara's calligraphy art at the beginning of the video is one of the highlights too♪
Chikugo Nanakoku
Takumi no Kuni (Kingdom of Artisans): Okawa
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi Okawa City" (released in March 2020)
Mizu no Kuni (Kingdom of Water): Yanagawa
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Yanagawa City" (released in February 2020)
Koku no Kuni (Kingdom of Grains): Ooki
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Ooki Town" (released in March 2020)
Koi no Kuni (Kingdom of Love): Chikugo
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Chikugo City" (released in March 2020)
Sachi no Kuni (Kingdom of Fortune): Miyama
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Miyama City" (released in February 2020)
Ka no Kuni (Kingdom of Fruits): Hirokawa
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Hirokawa Town" (released in March 2020)
Cha no Kuni (Kingdom of Tea): Yame
*Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi | "Chikugo Nanakoku no Tabi - Yame City" (released in February 2020)


Chikugo Nanakoku / 筑後七国
- Related municipalities: Okawa City, Yanagawa City, Ooki Town, Chikugo City, Miyama City, Hirokawa Town, Yame City
- "Chikugo Nanakoku Yokatoko Meguri Tabi (lit.: A wonderful trip in Chikugo Nanakoku) Official Website: https://chikugo7koku.net/
- Facebook: @chikugo7koku
- YouTube: HERE!

- Hot spots around this area! -

[Yanagawa City]
Yame Sanpo
[Feature] Yame Sanpo
[Yame City]
Mizuta Tenmangu & Koinoki Jinja
[Chikugo City]
Okawa Kumiko
Okawa Kumiko
[Okawa City]
Moriyama Kasuri Koubou
Moriyama Kasuri Koubou
[Hirokawa machi, Yame-gun]



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