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Interview Now ~Wake Up, Girls!青山吉能(Yoshino Aoyama), 山下七海(Nanami Yamashita)~(1/2)

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Wake Up Girls!
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Wake Up, Girls! came to Fukuoka on March 29th, 2014 (Saturday) for their “Wake Up, Girls! OP-ED CD Launch event” and we had the chance to interview two of them: Yoshino Aoyama and Nanami Yamashita.
“Wake Up, Girls!” is a band that was formed at the same time as it’s anime (series) release in January 2014. It is a story set in Sendai, following the progress and dreams of 7 young girls. Main voice actors of the 7 girls were chosen from the 2,000 girls that had auditioned for their parts. The anime itself has come to life, seemingly leaping off the screen from its original 2D concept to inspire the creation of its “idol unit” [band] counterpart. They will be holding their first live tour this summer, to be shortly followed by their “Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-” event appearance and much more. We are certainly looking forward to seeing more of this voice acting unit of seven! In this interview we ask these two budding and dazzling stars how they became voice actors, what their future goals are and much more!

My first name is the same as my character’s name so sometimes it gets a bit confusing!

Q.(asianbeat)Could you introduce yourself for us?

Yoshino Aoyama:My name is Yoshino Aoyama and I voice the character "Yoshino Nanase".

Nanami Yamashita:I’m Nanami Yamashita, voicing "Nanami Hisami".

Q.We understand that your characters have been named after your first name. What is that like?

Yoshino Aoyama: Yes, my nickname is also my character’s nickname, so whenever says, “Yoppi” I always have to pause and try to figure out whether they’re calling me or if they’re just referring to my 2D persona.
Wake Up Girls!
Q.The school uniforms you guys are wearing are very cute. Are they the same ones your characters wear?

Yoshino Aoyama:Yes, we had them made in the image of the uniforms our anime counterparts wear.

Nanami Yamashita:We often wear these at our live performances or to events.

Q.Please tell us what you like most about the characters you play in the anime, “Wake Up, Girls!.”

Yoshino Aoyama:I’ve always loved anime and have a soft spot for characters with long, blue hair. When I first saw my character I thought, “She’s exactly my type of girl!” and was just really happy with the whole thing.

Nanami Yamashita:The anime character, “Nanami-chan” at first glance seems pretty stuck up, guarded and always prepared. Out of all the other characters, though I’d say she tries hardest to achieve her dreams. She’s just a girl that does what she wants to do, doesn’t lie and gives it her all. That’s what I like most about her.

Q.Do you feel you are at all similar to your character?

Yoshino Aoyama:We don’t really have anything in common… If you look at her, she has very long hair and I do not. In addition to this, I feel Yoshino-chan is perfect both inside and out but I’m the exact opposite… I can’t really think of similarities we might have, hmmm.

Nanami Yamashita:Of all the characters and their voice actors, Yoppi and Yoshino-chan are possibly the most dissimilar of the pack. The only similarity I can draw between them is the fact that they’re both pretty spacey.(lol)
I’m always told that I look a lot like my character. And just like Nanami-chan, I tend to get very nervous. Before our live performances I will often start trembling with nerves and in the wings will often be told by the other girls, “It’s going to be okay.”

Wake Up Girls!
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