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Sunset Live 2011 Illustration Contest!

Sunset Live is a celebration of the beauty of nature and music. It's an event where music fans come together to experience great music in the spirit of LOVE and UNITY, and it’s the perfect way to enjoy the end of summer.

This year marks the 19th Sunset Live, and to kick things off, the organizers are inviting YOU to submit an illustration that will be used for the Sunset Live 2011 poster. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, this is your chance to have your artistic work seen by people all over! Plus, every year asianbeat works with Sunset Live on a variety of projects, so stay tuned for information about our plans for this year!
So get to work and send in your illustrations! We’re looking forward to hearing from YOU!


【 Submission Content 】
An image (illustration, drawing, etc.) that will be used as the key element in all Sunset Live 2011 promotional materials.

【 Creative Theme 】
What does Sunset Live and its core theme of LOVE and UNITY mean to you?

【 Submission Size 】
A4 to A3 (210×297 mm to 297×420 mm)

【 Submission Guidelines 】
・Works may be created by hand, using a computer, etc. Works may not contain the words “Sunset Live 2011” or the Sunset Live logo.
・Works created using a computer should be printed out and must adhere to the submission size guideline.
・If the winning submission was created using a computer, output-quality data of the submission will be requested, so please keep a copy of this data in the event your submission is selected as the winner.

【 Contest Rules 】
・Submissions must be original, unreleased works created by the entrant.
・Submissions will not be returned to the entrant.
・All rights to the winning submission are forfeited by the entrant and transferred to the organizers. Additionally, the prize money determined and by the organizers shall be considered remuneration for the transfer of rights to the winning submission from the entrant to the organizers.
・Submissions may not violate the rights of copyright, likeness, or trademark of a third party. In the event that such rights are violated and damages are requested as a result, the entrant shall be responsible for these damages. Additionally, if the winning submission is determined to have violated the rights of copyright, likeness, or trademark of a third party, the award may be rescinded.
・If a work depicts an image that can be identified as a specific individual, the entrant is responsible for obtaining the permission of the individual before submitting the work. Additionally, the use of group names and product names, or images reproduced from copyrighted works belonging to publications, web sites, etc. may not be used.
・As a rule, all rights to submissions not selected as the winning submission, including intellectual property rights, shall be returned to the entrant, however, rights to the display and presentation of submissions (i.e., rights to public display) are retained by the organizers.
・If the winning submission was submitted by a minor, a letter of consent from the entrant’s parents is required.

【 Submission Period 】
Submissions may be submitted beginning Saturday January 15, 2011, and must be postmarked no later than Monday February 28, 2011.

【 Winning Submission Announcement 】
Mid-March, 2011
The winner will be contacted, and the winner and winning submission will be announced on the Sunset Live web site.

【 Prize Money 】
100,000 Japanese yen, three-day pass to Sunset Live 2011 (the winner is responsible for travel costs), commemorative goods

【 Entrant Eligibility 】
Works must be submitted by individuals. There are no age, gender, or nationality restrictions. Submissions will be accepted from both amateurs and professionals.

【 How to Enter 】
・Send your submission and your profile by postal service or delivery service.
Submissions will not be accepted in person or by e-mail.
The profile should include your name, address, age, telephone number, and comment about your submission.
・Note that your name and comment will be announced if your submission is selected as the winner.
*If the submission is a hand-drawn work, please take precautions to ensure that the submission is not folded by enclosing it in rigid packaging or by rolling it up and inserting it in a poster tube. If the submission was created using a computer, submit a print out of the work and keep a print-output quality of the work in the event it is selected as the winner.

【 Contact Information 】
Address for Submissions: ALOHAPLAN / Sunset Live 2011 Planning Committee
Attention: Sunset Live 2011 Illustration Contest
894-2 Shimakofuji, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken

Telephone number: (+81) 92-331-4007 (11 AM – 5 PM, Japan Standard Time)

Please note that we cannot answer questions about the judgment criteria.

●Sunset Live Official Website

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