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One of Asia's Biggest Fashion Events "Fukuoka Love & Collection"

One of Asia's Biggest Fashion Events Fukuoka Love & Collection

Now for the latest installment of the series FASHION -FUKUOKA LOVE & COLLECTION. On September 27 at Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome was the venue for one of Asia's biggest fashion and music events FUKUOKA LOVE & COLLECTION. Check out our report from the event.

Part 4 One of Asia's biggest fashion and music events FUKUOKA LOVE & COLLECTION

September 27 saw the opening of the FUKUOKA LOVE & COLLECTION. Top fashion magazine models such as Rinka and Hinano Yoshikawa were slated to walk the catwalk, and even before the gates opened lines of people snaked around the Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome.

And as the gates opened crowds of young girls filled with expectation rushed in.

Miliyah Kato, who is really popular among high school girls got things underway with a live performance. After she warmed up the audience with her singing and dancing, it was time for the fashion show to begin. Firstly, Rina Fujii wearing a CECIL McBEE checkered coat appeared to a rousing audience, bringing shrills of joy from adoring fans. Then Rinka appeared bringing even more excitement. Next, Yuka Arisu, who had previously appeared in asianbeat made her way onto the catwalk, confidently mixing it with top models from Tokyo.
The shows were divided into the themes of "LOVE & GLAMOROUS", "LOVE & SWEET","LOVE & SELECT","LOVE& CASUAL","LOVE& LUXURY" and "LOVE& HIGH BRAND", catering for all different tastes, all of which you can actually try yourself. This year's fashion of check and tights were in the forefront. For men's fashion, the comedy duo Oriental Radio also made their way down the catwalk, entertaining the audience with their own unique style of walk. Local TV talent Fumi Saito's collection "Fumi-Kore" was also on show adding a local touch to proceedings.

But it wasn’t just the fashion show that was jumping, café booths, hair salons, accessory stalls were all abuzz. FUKUOKA LOVE & COLLECTION

Then, for the climactic finish to the event, all the models came on stage for the finale. The energy of the whole event was compressed into one final performance. The first Love Collection was a great success. It will surely leave a big footprint for other fashion shows in Fukuoka, and Asia, to follow in.
"Hi. Do you mind if I take your photo for asianbeat?"
We took a few snaps at the site of LOVE & COLLECTION.



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