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Royal Garden Cafe Ohori Park(1/17)

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    "Royal Garden Cafe Ohori Park," which opened its first store in Kyushu, is a popular café and restaurant that since 2008 has already established 6 further stores in places such as Tokyo and Nagoya.
    As soon as you step inside the bright, spacious restaurant, the scenery of the park opening up before you through the glass-paneled windows is really striking; the expansive view that you will encounter is like a scene that you would come across in a holiday resort.

    Since their founding Royal Garden Café has striven to become a shop that suits the needs of its visitors. Offering delicious food made from fresh ingredients stocked from the local area, as well as using recycled furniture and interior decorations ordered from America, they have gone to great lengths to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. And for all of you dog lovers out there, there is even a delightful “dog-terrace,” so you can even stop by while walking your dog!

    Royal Garden Cafe

    "Visible Food,""Recycle Style," and "Local Community" are the key concepts of the cafe and restaurant "Royal Garden Cafe," which opened its first store in Kyushu before establishing a further 6 branches in areas such as Tokyo and Nagoya. Inside you can take it easy and enjoy the park's scenery through the restaurant's expansive glass-panelled walls. On top of that, the restaurant also offers a holiday menu on weekends, so get along and check it out!

    Address: 1-3 Ohori Park,Chuo-ku,Fukuoka
    Tel.: 092-406-4271
    Opening Hours: 11:00-21:30 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9:00-21:30)
    (Opening times change depending on the season)
    Floor space: 341.80㎡(total floor space)
    Capacity: 90 seats (Dining area) 62 seats (Terrace area)
    Website (Japanese): http://www.royal-gardencafe.com/
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