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LESSON.1: How to WOTAGEI “Let’s Dance”


The song you’ll be practicing to for this lesson is “Future Diver” by Nemu Yumemi’s idol group, Denpagumi Inc. The moves have been broken down to correspond with the various parts of the song, such as the verse, chorus, etc. So practice them individually and then try putting them to the music.
“OAD” stands for “over-action dolphin” and is performed in the first verse of the song. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and as you rotate your body left and right, clap to each side alternately.
"The dolphin" is originally a jazz dance move and by over-exaggerating this the "OAD" wotagei move was born. (бωб)
PPPH stands for “pan pa-pan hyu~” and is performed in the second verse of the song. Clap your hands to the beat of “pan pa-pan” then do a bit of a jump and pump your fist in the air for the “hyu~.”
This particular move has been carried on from the idol fans of the mid 1980s and was a common sight at concerts of groups like “Onyanko Club” but these days you see PPPH being performed at concerts of all genres.
【Thunder Snake】
Because of the difficulty of this move it was once classed as somewhat of a mythical wotagei move.
Extend your right arm out to your side, followed by your left. Rotate your hands inwards once then swing both arms around in a circular motion two times stopping mid air, diagonally to your left.
Drop your right arm down to your right knee, tapping your shoulder as you go down and then do the same with your left arm. Next, spin your hands around and rotate your arms in a circular motion from right to left like you were drawing a big circle in the air. Extend your arms out in front of you one after the other as you raise them in the air. When your arms are directly above you gather the air with your hands then pump the ground with your fist. Follow this up with two “komanechi’s” (after Russian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci).
Finally, in preparation for the “Romance” move that follows, end by raising your left arm on a horizontal angle, swing your right arm around and call out “soro soro ikouze, romansu” (alright let’s do this, romance). Then “romance” begins.

Point your index fingers and swing your arms to the left and right. Perform to a “one two, one two three” rhythm in the sequence “left right left right left,” followed by “right left right left right.” And don’t forget to smile. (бωб)♪
This move is performed by outstretching your arms towards the idol singing and then bringing them back towards you in a sweeping underarm motion. This is performed as a sign of affection. There are also some slightly more advanced variations such as the “running kecha” and the “running reverse kecha.”
“Kecha” gets its name from the Balinese dance called “Kecak.” The dance is performed by a primarily male chorus and is also known as the “Monkey Chant” to the people in Bali.

【The Order】
[Verse 1:OAD] ⇒ [Verse 2:PPPH] ⇒ [Pre-chorus:Kecha] ⇒ [Chorus:Thunder Snake/Romance] ⇒ [Bridge:Kecha]




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