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Chikugo area - Hirokawa, Chikugo, Okawa, Omuta - Guide brought to you by Setsu!

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Looking to introduce the charming appeal of the Chikugo and Asakura areas (Fukuoka Prefecture), the "Chikugo Area Tourist Information" website has put together three new sightseeing routes that tourists can enjoy across two days and one night. In this installment we took a closer look at four locations highlighted in the model tourist courses, which have been aimed at international visitors to Japan. Taiwanese student Setsu is our reporter and will be telling us a little bit more about some of the most absorbing local attractions! The website introduces the routes in English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese , so be sure to check it out along with our report!

1. "Moriyama Kasuri Kobo (森山絣工房)," a workshop creating Kurume Kasuri that has more than 200 years of history!

Moriyama Kasuri Kobo 森山絣工房

2. "Kawa no Eki Funagoya KOIBOTARU (恋ぼたる)" is a steaming hot onsen where you can buy souvenirs and fresh local food!

Koibotaru 恋ぼたる

3. Okawa's woodwork technique known as "Kumiko" has been gaining attention all over the world!


4. The Miyanohara Pit at the Miike Coal Mine (三池炭鉱 宮原坑)! A facility that took the lead during Japan’s period of modernization, the site is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Miyanohara Pit 宮原坑

CHIKUGO AREA Tourist Information (ちくご観光案内所) Foreign Tourist Model Course


雪 Setsu- Hometown: Taiwan
- Currently enrolled as a student at Fukuoka Women's University
- Favorite Fukuoka food: Kurume ramen
- Hobbies: 裁縫 Sewing
- Pastimes/leisure activities: reading, shopping

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