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This is Fukuoka
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Enjoy the Tai-chazuke, which is much loved by locals

Here we are at Miyajikan, which is located close to the vicinity of Miyajidake Shrine in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Miyajikan's "tai-chazuke (sea bream on rice with green tea/dashi/hot water poured on top)" is really famous, so that is the first thing people want to try when they visit. The interior has a traditional Japanese feeling and there's also a big fish tank inside with lots of fish swimming around. The manager really kindly took the time out to explain the correct way to eat tai-chazuke.

Before the "ochazuke (a Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi(stock) or hot water on cooked rice)," make sure to enjoy the Kaisendon-style dish (bowl of rice topped with sashimi)! The flavor of the fresh sea bream snapper is something that you can really savor.
Then, when you bite into fish and rice, which has been immersed in a stock that has been made using an in-house secret recipe, the sea bream snapper almost immediately dissolves in your mouth. The sea bream snapper is so fresh, and while enjoying the delicious flavor of the fish, you also get a very refreshing aftertaste. Also, you can add onion, nori (roasted seaweed) and wakame (edible seaweed) to make sure the dish is suited to your taste. As there is a wide selection of condiments available you can feel free to enjoy lots of different flavors, what ever catches your eye! I was particularly impressed by the yuzu miso, as I was able to really take in and appreciate the unique scent of yuzu. Furthermore, they make the tofu and tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) themselves. The tofu was thick like pudding and seriously delicious! I always eat tofu, so was kind of surprised that the taste sensation was so completely different to what I'm used to. The tsukemono, which are served on lovely dishes, are simple and refreshing, having been seasoned with salt. You can also eat as much as you like with them, and it was difficult to stop!
When you visit the shrine, I think it's a very nice place to visit. I would really suggest everyone try and go, I really recommended it!


Open hours:
Lunch: 11:00-15:00 (last order: 14:00)
Evening: Reservations required
Store: 11:00-22:00
Telephone number: 0940-52-0176
Address: 2-1, Miyajimotomachi, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka-ken
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