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ULTRA JAPAN 2016 An Introduction

    ULTRA JAPAN 2016
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    ULTRA JAPAN is back for the third time and like last year will be a three day affair. Find-out all about ULTRA JAPAN 2016 as we "pick" the artists and fashion that you can expect to see at this year's event.

    ULTRA JAPAN 2016 highlights: The artists and acts not be missed!

    The top dance music DJs from all over the world are due to perform at this year's event, and as such the asianbeat editorial department will be bringing you videos of some of them in action. Some of the biggest names in the game will be appearing at ULTRA JAPAN for the first time, with headline acts including the likes of DEADMAU5, TIESTO, KNIFE PARTY and KYGO! At the same time the RESISTANCE stage will be returning to bring fans the most exciting sounds from the underground scene. Compared to previous years, this year's lineup is sure to meet the demands of everyone from newcomers to core enthusiasts. We can't wait!
    Picks for DAY 1 : DEADMAU5

    DEADMAU5 is a famous Canadian DJ and producer known for wearing mouse-themed headgear. As the headlining act on the "mau5trap Presents Ultra Worldwide Tour," he has not only performed in Japan, but all over the world, including ULTRA festivals in Korea, Europe, Singapore and Taiwan. Although known for the beef he has got into on social media, he is a truly talented and popular artist who performed as a last minute replacement for Avicii at the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014, delivering a standout performance that took an ironic, wry look at the EDM scene. What kind of performance will we be treated to on this year's huge ULTRA stage in Japan?
    Picks for DAY 1: KYGO

    The Norwegian producer and DJ KYGO is one of the leading figures in the immensely alluring and accessible "tropical house" movement. The ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as well as Lollapalooza, KYGO has performed at some of the biggest festivals all over the world, but this will be his first major performance in Japan. So as you can imagine, there's huge excitement to see him play live. He is due on stage at 17:10, which will be as the sun starts to set… the perfect time to dance and loose yourself in the warm tropical beats!
    Picks for DAY: KNIFE PARTY

    The dub step duo KNIFE PARTY is made up of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members from the Australian electronic music band PENDULUM. PENDULUM and KNIFE PARTY joined forces to reform and took to the stage as "PENDULUM RETURNS" at the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016. Their set is still fresh in the mind, but in case you haven't seen it yet, check-out the video above to enjoy their dynamic sound, which has rock elements infused with a dub step sound that includes some awesome heavy base.
    Picks for DAY 2: SEKITOVA

    SEKITOVA, the track making sensation born in Osaka in 1995, will be performing on the RESISTANCE stage. Focusing on house and techno, SEKITOVA manages to capture and mix beats with an ethnic kind of sound. Making use of anime culture, there is certainly no one else in this next wave of artists who is quite like him. The set is due to start at 11:30am, which is a little early, but when it comes to catching the young acts who represent the next generation of this music scene, the RESISTANCE stage is definitely the place to be!
    Picks for Day 3: DUBFIRE

    Born in Iran, DUBFIRE is one half of the producing duo Deep Dish, who specialize in house music. Known for having a huge impact on the club circuit, DUBFIRE's COCOON, CARL COX's REVOLUTION and RICHIE HAWTIN's ENTER were all massively influential in building the Ibiza scene that we now know and love. Acts like Tiësto and MARTIN GARRIX will be on the main stage and definitely shouldn't be missed, but it's also well worth checking out the RESISTANCE Stage to experience the likes of DUBFIRE. Immerse yourself in music from all over the world and dance like no one's watching!
    Picks for DAY 3: TAKKYU ISHINO

    TAKKYU ISHINO is known for his work in Denki Groove alongside Pierre Taki. Having played in front of 1.5 million people at Love Parade's Final Gathering, which was the biggest techno festival in the world, he is thought of highly as DJ and has a great reputation worldwide. Hosts the huge rave "WIRE," which has a scale of around 10,000 people and actively introduces DJs and artists from overseas to a Japanese audience. A major figure in the techno and dance music scenes, he will be finally making his much anticipated first appearance at ULTRA. The perfect setting, he is due to be on the RESISTANCE Stage, playing a set from deep inside his collection. Make sure to check it out!

    ULTRA JAPAN 2016 highlights: All the latest ULTRA fashion trends!

    When you talk about dance music there is simply no way to leave fashion out of the discussion. These days it goes far beyond just what happens at the festival itself, what goes down also has a massive influence on wider trends in the fashion world. asianbeat has reported from ULTRA venues in the past. Here we will be taking a look back at the various styles that have been in fashion at different ULTRA festivals. You can't help but wonder what kind of trends we'll be seeing at this year's event? We can't wait to find out!
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014 Fashion Snaps
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2014ファッション
    2014 was the first time that ULTRA came to Japan. People were still learning about the EDM festival scene that had been growing overseas, and this was lot of people's first exposure to the movement. Flower chain headbands and the bohemian style vibe were in the mainstream. It was most certainly a year for colorful, happy outfits.
    >> World Fashion Snap / TOKYO 東京 ULTRA JAPAN 2014
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015 Fashion Snaps
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    ULTRA JAPAN 2015ファッション
    2015 was the second time that the event was held and while it was clear that a kind of bohemian, folkish look was still popular with people, an urban, sporty look was the style that was really in vogue. Instead of colorful ensembles, the festival goers seemed to be opting for a kind of all black chick look, giving the impression that the crowds were slightly more fashion conscious than the previous year.
    >> World Fashion Snap / TOKYO 東京 ULTRA JAPAN 2015
    ULTRA KOREA 2014 Fashion Snaps
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    ULTRA KOREA 2014ファッション
    In Asia, ULTRA KOREA was held before arriving in Japan. Easily accessible from the city center, this event was not so much of a fashion show, but rather a showcase of more casual, carefree outfits fresh from the street. Other than the locals, there were the likes of ALISA UENO (top left) and DJ Ashley (top middle), who brought their unique sense of fashion to the proceedings.
    >> World Fashion Snap / Seoul ソウル ULTRA KOREA 2014



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