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[Report from Lee in Busan] Hakata style tonkotsu ramen is being enjoyed in "Umaido"(2/2)

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First up... gyoza! When I first ate gyoza at "Umaido," I started to think about in what ways they are different to Mandu (Korean dumplings). I guess with gyoza the surface is well-cooked and browned but the other side is soft. This is the kind of texture that I really enjoy!

Here is the spicy ramen (spice level 1-lowest level of spice). You can order up to level 3, but for Japanese people who perhaps do not eat such spicy food, the highest level might be a bit spicy. Starting from level 1 (which is standard for Korean food), you can increase the spiciness one level at a time, with each step up representing a two-fold jump in the degree of spice. For Korean people, who find greasy tonkotsu ramen a little difficult to bear, spicy ramen such as these are very popular. Out of curiosity I previously ordered level 3, but it was so spicy that it was incredibly difficult to eat, and I ended up sweating a great deal! If you get a chance to eat here I would definitely recommend starting off by ordering level 1!

And here's the Hakata tonkotsu ramen. The taste is similar to what you find in Japan, but not so greasy. I guess this is one of the reasons why I go to "Umaido" when I get a ramen craving! They serve a spicy kind of ramen that you might not be able to eat in Japan, so why not try what they have on offer at "Umaido!"

Umaido- [美味堂(うまいどう) 우마이도]

Address: 400-39 Jangjeon 2-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea
Telephone number: +82-51-514-8785
Opening Hours: 11:00am-2:30pm and 4:30pm-10:00pm
Menu: Hakata ramen, spicy ramen (spice level 1-3), tsukemen, gyoza (5 pieces), Char siu (5 slices), egg, ramen kaedama, Asahi Beer, etc.
Parking: Not available (instead use the Pusan National University car park or the Pusan National University subway station public car park)
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Overseas correspondent Lee PROFILE

Busan resident and an anime fan of 15 years. To learn more please take a look at his website: "prica"(http://prica.co.kr
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