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Searching for the best 4koma (4-frame) manga strips out there! A Junior Division has also been set-up!

The first "KITAKYUSHU INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION" welcomed 670 applications from 20 countries and regions all over the world. Having originated in Japan, manga culture has since gone on to spread far and wide, to the extent that there are now aspiring manga artists all over the globe! This year is the second time that the contest has been held, and in order to help uncover the next generation of stars in the world of a manga, a "Junior Division" has been established! And that's not all, an "asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award" has also been set-up, with the winners receiving a round-trip ticket to Fukuoka, Japan! The "KITAKYUSHU INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION" is really going from strength to strength and will no doubt continue to garner greater levels of attentions! Make sure to apply!

Kitakyushu International Manga Competition Application Requirements

- General Division
- Junior Division (Age 12 or under)
[Theme] Free (Create your manga under your favorite theme)
[Genre] Four-panel manga

[Work] Original, unpublished work of your own
(Works posted in noncommercial media, including coterie magazines, SNS sites, and image posting sites, are considered unpublished works.)
[Application requirements] none (open to professionals and amateurs)
[Application period] From Saturday, July 1, 2017, to 2:00 PM (Japan Standard Time) on Saturday, September 30, 2017.
[Application method] Please check the homepage http://kitakyushu-mangataisho.com/en/

* General Division
- Grand Prize (Grand Prix) 500,000 yen
- Overseas Participant Award 300,000 yen (Selected from submissions from abroad.)
- Manga Museum Award 200,000 yen
- asianbeat Fukuoka, Japan Award (Newly Established)
Round-trip air ticket to and from Fukuoka
Selected from submissions in any asianbeat-designated language (Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, or Indonesian)
- TOKIWA Creator Award: Providing work support under a project to integrate creators in Kitakyushu.

* Junior Division (Newly Established)
Junior Award
LCD tablet for drawing use

(Initial Screening) The organizer will conduct an initial screening.
(Final Screening) The judges will conduct the final screening of works passing the initial screening.
[Chief Judge] Leiji Matsumoto (Manga artist/Honorary Director of the Kitakyushu Manga Museum)
Tochi Ueyama (Manga artist)
Mutsumi Hagiiwa (Manga artist)
Yuma Komatsu (Editorial Department at Kodansha's Weekly Morning)

[Announcement of awarded works]
Awarded works will be announced on the official website of Kitakyushu International Manga Competition
(kitakyushu-mangataisho.com/en/) and the official website of the Kitakyushu Manga Museum (www.ktqmm.jp) early in December 2017.
Furthermore, winning entries will be posted in the Nishinippon Shimbun, a Japanese language daily newspaper.

[Awards ceremony] An awards ceremony will be held late in January 2018.

[Application method] All applications will be accepted on the internet. Fill out the application form and upload the data file of each work.

[Application rules]
- Each work must be a four-panel manga strip.
Each four-panel manga must consist of a single page, but each panel can be in any shape, size, and arrangement. Each applicant can submit up to five works. Each work must be comprised of four panels. Each work must be completed in four panels. (You may use the same character and world view in all your works.)
- Create and save each work in accordance with the following data format guidance.
Number of pixels: Around 3,000 px × 4,500 px
Image format: JPEG format (in RGB or grayscale)
*No works in CMYK format or 2-gradation (monochrome) will be accepted.
- Works in color or monochrome and any language are acceptable.
- Input your nationality and other necessary items into the form at the time of posting.
- Works contrary to the purpose of the contest may not be accepted, e.g., those containing expressions
promoting violence, slander, discrimination, obscenity, or offensive to others.
- Entries must not infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, or other rights of third parties.

[Handling of copyrights]
The City of Kitakyushu as the organizer will own the copyrights of all entries.
All applicants will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of this contest upon submission of their works
to the contest.

[Handling of personal information]
Personal information on all applicants will be handled properly in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and no personal information on any applicants will be used for purposes other than the Kitakyushu International Manga Competition.

Kitakyushu Manga Museum
Address: 5F/6F Aru Aru City, 2-14-5 Asano, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
Telephone: 093-512-5077
E-mail: manga@city.kitakyushu.lg.jp

A message from the Chief Judge

松本 零士 Leiji MatsumotoLeiji Matsumoto
(Manga artist/Honorary Director of the Kitakyushu Manga Museum)

The City of Kitakyushu has a history that produced many manga artists. The Kitakyushu Manga Museum opened in the City of Kitakyushu with the mission of transmitting the passion of current manga artists to future generations and inspiring young people to hold ambitions and follow them.
We look forward to receiving great works from everyone who feels pleasure in creation and has passion.

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