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Traditional Hakata crafts all in one exhibition! Photo report from "Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba's" 5th project! (1/12)

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An exhibition that embraces the new year, spreads happiness and brings good health to all!

On the 11th floor of the Fukuoka Prefectural Office, "Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba" is hosting an exhibition. This is their 5th project of this nature and the theme for this event is traditional Hakata crafts.
Under the title "Shinshun wo Kotohogu. Hakata wo Kotohogu (Celebrating the New Year. Celebrating Hakata.)," you will find all kinds of items exhibited under one roof, such as traditional crafts that are related to new year's events cerebrated in Hakata. Including Hakata Ningyo (Doll), Hakata Ori (Woven textile), Hakata Magemono (Wooden-ware), which are used as dishes for celebratory meals, as well as Hakata Mizuhiki (Decorative Cord), which are given as congratulatory engagement gifts and decorated in a dignified, elegant manner.

Greetings from the organizer are posted at the venue and states the following, "'Kotohogu' means to 'express congratulations and pray for good fortune.' These Hakata craftsmen are challenging themselves to take innovative steps forward, while also maintaining and inheriting the traditions from the past. For the visitors who come, we aim for this be an exhibition that embraces the new year, spreads happiness and brings good health to all."

Yokamon Hiroba
In this report we will be introducing you to the traditional crafts that are on display at the exhibition, the artwork of "Kobo Maru," and the various Fukuoka-related goods that are on sale at "Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba."
Check out all the attractions that the exhibition has to offer in our photo report and if you have the chance, make sure to visit the venue to experience it in person!

Exhibition: "Shinshun wo Kotohogu. Hakata wo Kotohogu (Celebrating the New Year. Celebrating Hakata.)"

1. Open from: January 12th 2016 (Tuesday) to March 25th (Friday)

2. Contents: Traditional Hakata crafts (Hakata hasami (Scissors), Hakata Magemono (Wooden-ware), Hakata Hariko (Papier Mache), Hakata Koma (Spinning top), Multi-Glass, Hakata Mizuhiki (Decorative Cord), Hakata Ningyo (Doll), Hakata Ori (Woven textile)

3. Related Events/Projects
- "Kobo Maru," Exhibition of artwork, Goods on sale
- Workshop (* For further details please check their facebook page)
- Japanese Sake on Sale
(Perfect as a souvenir or gift. For 300ml Japanese sake bottles a wrapping service is provided that uses traditional Hakata crafts.)

Hakatan Yokamon
- Recreating recipes from Cooking Papa, offering Hakata curries! (On sale for a limited time only)
Game Curry, Motsunabe (Beef/Pork Tripe/Offal Stew) Curry, Buta Bara (Pork Back Ribs) Curry, Hakata Mentaiko Curry, Green Curry
- Thick sliced toast and mentai-mayo potato.
- Hakata confectionery (Ishimura Manseido) is provided (Koi-cha Ogura and Sengai Sansenbei) as an accompaniment to the tea that is served.

Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:15 (Weekdays)
11th Floor, Fukuoka Prefectural Office, 7-7 Higashi Koen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken
(Please note: The Yokamon Cafe is open from 8:30 to 17:15. Lunch time is from 11:30 to 14:00)
Telephone Number: 092-645-1835
FAX Number: 092-645-1836
Facebook Link (Japanese): Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba
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