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The "大浮世絵展" (Five Ukiyo-e Favorites UTAMARO, SHARAKU, HOKUSAI, HIROSHIGE, and KUNIYOSHI)" exhibition is now on at the Fukuoka Art Museum! The event, which runs until 22nd March, is a great chance to see a fabulous collection of ukiyo-e masterpieces!

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
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The Fukuoka Art Museum is temporally closed

The Fukuoka Art Museum officially announced that the venue will be temporally closed until the 20th in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. For further information, please visit their official website or social media account.

- Fukuoka Art Museum Official Website: https://www.fukuoka-art-museum.jp/
- Twitter:@fukuoka_fam
- Facebook:@fukuokaartmuseum

Masterpieces at every turn! This stunning venue is the perfect location to compare and contrast each artist's style!

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
The "Five Ukiyo-e Favorites UTAMARO, SHARAKU, HOKUSAI, HIROSHIGE, and KUNIYOSHI" exhibition is now on display at the Fukuoka Art Museum. The event, features work by Kitagawa Utamaro, Toshusai Sharaku, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, and Utagawa Kuniyoshi, will run until 22nd March. These individuals are some of the best known figures in the field of ukiyo-e, an art form that has become synonymous with Japan. The organizers have brought together a wonderful selection of well-preserved pieces from collections kept in all over the world. The splendid exhibition space provides the perfect setting to find-out more about the level of skill and expertise that went into creating these masterpieces. The beauty of ukiyo-e lies in the artists efforts to depict a dreamlike, floating world in their work. Make sure to check out the exhibition while it is still on!
Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesPaintings of gorgeous female figures instantly come to mind when you hear the name Utamaro. Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to images of beautiful women experiencing the joy and tribulations associated with love.

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesSharaku produced incredible paintings inspired by the acting industry. Even though a lot remains unknown about this mysterious individual, Sharaku's work has still gained a great deal of recognition all over the world!

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesHokusai is famous for his depictions of Mount Fuji. The shade of transparent blue he used his work now has its own name... "Hokusai Blue!"

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesHiroshige is best known for his beautiful landscape paintings. His series of prints called "The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō" is widely regarded as the masterpiece in a glittering career.

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesKuniyoshi is seen as an expert when it comes to images of warriors and animals caricatures. One of his creations is a spoof of "The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō." The piece features illustrations of cats that play on the names of the fifty-three stations along the Tōkaidō route.

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
The highlights of the exhibition are provided in Japanese and English.

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
There are some great places to take photos inside the venue!

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesThe Special Exibition Room is hosting a display called "Maboroshi no Shunga - Kunisada San-Genji." *Please be aware that visitors must be over the age of 18 to enter.

Pick-up a souvenir to remember your visit! All kinds of original merchandise is on sale at the venue!

Five Ukiyo-e FavoritesThe merchandise is so cool! It's simply too awesome to ignore! The designs and printed featured on the T-shirts are so original and unique! What do you think?

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
The ukiyo-e inspired cookie cutters and colorful tape are sure to prove a hit with younger visitors!

Five Ukiyo-e Favorites
Five Ukiyo-e Favorites


大浮世絵展 (Five Ukiyo-e Favorites Utamaro, Sharaku, Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi)
- Duration: Tuesday 28th January to Sunday 22nd March
- Venue: Fukuoka Art Museum (1-6 Ohorikoen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi JAPAN)
- Closed: Mondays *Open on Monday 24th February (National Holiday) and closed on Tuesday 25th February.
- Official Website: https://dai-ukiyoe.jp/
- Fukuoka Art Museum event info.: https://www.fukuoka-art-museum.jp/en/exhibition/five-ukiyo-e-favorites/
*Please check the official website for information about the price of admission.

*All the information for this article was taken from a private viewing held on Tuesday 28th January 28. Please be aware that some aspects of the exhibition might have changed since that time.

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