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[Hakata Area] Hikari no Machi HAKATA (光の街・博多)

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 简体字 繁體字 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia

JR Hakata station being covered in magical light! Taking you to a whole new world!

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Illuminations event "Hikari no Machi HAKATA" (lit.: Hakata, the City of Light) will be starting again this year at the commercial complex JR Hakata City centered around JR Hakata Station. Under the theme of "Glow alive", this year the area around the station square is transformed into a romantic spot with about 800,000 LED lights! There are plenty of breathtaking light monuments including the symbolic Christmas tree with a height of 14.9m that will certainly catch your attention, "Stardust Wave" where each grain of the starry sky shines, a Tiara-shaped flowerbed "Flower Tiara", and "Wish Flower" which looks like a huge bouquet!
There will also be a Christmas market where you can enjoy shopping for delicious food and cute miscellaneous goods in the glittering illuminations until 25th of December (Sat) so be sure to stop by!
Hikari no Machi HAKATA
The usual scenery turns into another world♪

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
A symbolic Christmas tree that shows various expressions!

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Flower Tiara

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Wish Flower

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Hikari no Machi HAKATA
"LED SKY WALK"@ 2F Pedestrian Deck where LED vision with a total length of about 70m creates a "Light Path"!

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
Hikari no Machi HAKATA

Hikari no Machi HAKATA (光の街・博多)

- Venue: JR Hakata Station Square (1-1 Chuo-gai, Hakata-eki, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi JAPAN)
- Event date: Thursday 4 November - Wednesday 5 January 2022
- Light up times: 17:00 - 24:00
- Official Website: https://www.jrhakatacity.com/2021_illumination/

Please check the official website and SNS for the latest information such as lighting period and time.

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