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Report from TAIWAN EXCELLENCE featuring an appearance from Lin Chi-Ling!(1/26)

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Friday 17 to Sunday 19 October 2014 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE at Solaria Plaza 1F event space "zephyr"

The three days from October 17 to October 19 saw the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE event reach Fukuoka City, the first time in Japan! The even features new discoveries from Taiwan's brands. Visitors to the event were able to try out and get hands on with 160 products from 40 different companies, including brand new winners of the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE award. The opening ceremony featured a special talk from top Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-Ling. Read on for more details!

TAIWAN EXCELLENCE in Japan for the first time! Taiwan's brand new products are unveiled!

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TAIWAN EXCELLENCE ~日本初開催!台湾ブランド新発見~
See the opening ceremony HERE
TAIWAN EXCELLENCE ~日本初開催!台湾ブランド新発見~
Lin Chi-ling's special talk is HERE
TAIWAN EXCELLENCE ~日本初開催!台湾ブランド新発見~
Take a look at the event itself HERE

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