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The hugely popular rock band "UVERworld" appeared in Canal City Hakata this November!

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It's almost 20 years since "UVERworld" first formed! They were all in great spirits at the event!

FM FUKUOKA recorded a show at the Canal City Hakata on Sunday 17th November! The hugely popular, high octane rock band "UVERworld" made a special appearance at the shopping facility to celebrate the start of the magical "Canal Panorama Illumination," which will be on display until Sunday 1st March 2020! Four members from the six piece unit were at the venue. The crowd got a chance to hear TAKUYA∞ (vocals), KATSUYA (guitar), NOBUTO (bass), SEIKA (saxophone) talk! Oh by the way... The band will also be performing at Marine Messe Fukuoka on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st December! They were all smiles as they told the audience, "Fukuoka is a city that we makes us feel really comfortable and at ease!" Also, we were so excited to hear that they usually spend New Year's Day shopping and watching movies in Canal City Hakata! The band were asked which member would be the best girlfriend to hang out with during Christmas. The crowd erupted in laughter when they heard the question. Guess who they chose? Three out of four went for TAKUYA∞! The last person to answer was TAKUYA∞, who chose SEIKA! TAKUYA∞ said "I'll let him put on a bikini and then take a photo of him in the sea during Winter!"

SEIKA: "TAKUYA∞ loves cameras, so I think he could take some nice photos of me!"

NOBUTO: "It's a tough choice (lol)! But it would be awesome if we could hang out together!"

UVERworldKATSUYA: "Well, I will have to use process of elimination (lol)! I think TAKUYA∞ would take me to lots of cool places!"
It is almost two decades since "UVERworld" first formed. Next year marks their 20th anniversary and they still remain close friends! The band will release their 10th album "UNSER" on Wednesday 4th December. The name draws on the German "UNSER" (our) and the English "ANSWER." The band have taken the meaning from both words to create a new German/English hybrid phase that translates as "Our Answer." The fast paced, passionate music video for "ROB THE FRONTIER," a track that is played during the opening credits of a television anime called "The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods," was played on a huge screen during the event in Canal City Hakata. The song started after NOBUTO and the crowd loudly called out the title! It was so cool to see the members singing along by the stage!

"UVERworld" will embark on an arena tour that starts on Saturday 23rd November. They are all super excited about performing in Fukuoka! They outlined their determination to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of this year. SEIKA added "We will not leave anything behind in 2019!" Let's all welcome "UVERworld" to Fukuoka as they march triumphantly towards 2020!


- Official Website: https://www.uverworld.jp/
- Twitter (UVERworld_Staff_): @UVERworld_dR2
- Instagram (TAKUYA∞): takuya_world_official
- YouTube: UVERworld Official YouTube Channel

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