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Vol.25 愛乙女☆DOLL (LOVELY DOLL) - Our Favorite Things -

TEAM SAKUSAKU presents ~ Favorite Collections ~
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TEAM SAKUSAKU presents – Favorite Collections – Vol. 25 with LOVELY DOLL members Miyu Aisako, Karen Asahina, Riona Ohta, and Miki Sakura! Let’s find out their “Favorite Things”!

I want to live my life doing the things that I love!

- Miyu Aisako (愛迫みゆ) -
My favorite things.
Singing, hanging out with friends, chatting, sleeping, watching TV and movies, eating, clothes shopping and buying beauty products…once I start listing all the things I love, I realize there are quite a lot, but I think that all these things make me who I am! Singing for example, is something I live for. Standing on stage singing is when I most feel like “Aah, I’m alive.”

愛迫みゆ Miyu Aisako
Whether I’m in voice training, or at karaoke, or in the bath, singing for me is a truly joyous pastime! So being able to make a living doing the thing that I absolutely love really makes me happy! Hanging out with friends, shopping, watching movies, eating, sleeping – they are all important pastimes to me☆

愛迫みゆ Miyu Aisako
I’m quite a curious person, so as soon as I find something that I’m interested in I’ll jump in and give it a try almost straight away, or more often than not I’ll at least try and look the part first, but I do want to find something that I can pursue long term! I want to live my life doing the things that I love!

“I love how they spare no effort in everything they do”

- Karen Asahina (朝比奈花恋) -

It began when I was in elementary school, when I would watch baseball games on TV with my grandfather. I had no interest whatsoever at first, but the more I started to understand the rules the more interesting it became, and from then on I became an avid baseball fan! (lol) I’m from Fukuoka and the local team, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, back when I was in elementary school was called the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, and I would always look forward to going to see a live game with my grandparents once a year. At the time I knew all the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks players and their numbers!

Karen Asahina 朝比奈花恋
When I moved to Tokyo I started going to games at the Jingu Stadium and Tokyo Dome and I was now a huge baseball fan! What I love about baseball, and I’m sure you could say this about all sports, is how the players devote their lives to the game, facing risk and injury and sparing no effort in everything they do. So baseball was something close to me and that’s how I got hooked (lol).

I learnt classical ballet from the age of 4 to 18. Listening to classical music makes me want to dance and I still watch videos and clips of ballet today. I stopped ballet because I moved to Tokyo, but everything I learned still benefits me now and I have nothing but gratitude to my mother who got me into in the first place.

“We only get one life! We should use it to do what we want!”

- Riona Ohta (太田里織菜) -
I’m Riona Ohta of LOVELY DOLL!
The topic of this article is “favorite things” so I’m going to write a bit about the things and the people that I like♪ I’m the type of person who likes to give my all to the things that I like!

○The idol industry
I entered the entertainment industry when I was in my second year of elementary school! So now, I’ve spent more than half of my life in the business. It all began with watching Morning Musume on TV when I was little and wanting to sing and dance just like they did. There have been a lot of tough times and a lot of sad times up until now, but it’s because of all the support from fans and family that I am where I am today.

Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
I quit being an “idol” once when I was in high school. But I realized that being an “idol” was something that I really liked. When I graduated from high school I moved from Gifu to Tokyo and joined the group that I’m in now! I love to talk and sing and dance, so I think the idol industry is a good fit for me.

-Kana Nishino
This is an artist who I have admired and looked up to for a long time. I once went to her concert two days in a row, I have a whole heap of her CDs and DVDs, and I learn a lot about singing and atmosphere by watching her perform♪ I admire her so much that even the other LOVELY DOLL members say “the way Rio-pyon sings is just like Kana Nishino.”

○Nail Art
I’ve wanted to do this since I was in middle school (lol) I just wanted to become an adult as soon as I could and start getting my nails done, so when I graduated high school I went and got them done straight away♪ Usually I come up with the design myself! My member color is red so I often go with red-based colors♪ I change them ever month and post pictures on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to check them out for yourself if you’re interested♪

Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
I like to cook when I have time! One thing I make is vegetables pan-fried in olive oil, topped with cheese and then roasted in the oven♪ I’ll either look for recipes myself or use a cooking app, or get my mother or grandmother to teach me. Lately I’ve been studying up by looking through cooking apps when I’m commuting around on trains! The other day I made “tororo miso buta-don” (grated yam and miso pork on rice)! When I posted it on Twitter fans commented things like “oishisou” (looks delicious) and that made me happy♪ I want to try making all different kinds of dishes, though!

Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
We only get one life, so I make the most of every day I have! I perform concerts, which I love, and meet fans at special meet-and-greet events, I cook and watch DVDs with my friends, I get my nails done – I’m doing all the things that I want to do so I feel like I’m truly a fortunate person♪

Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
LOVELY DOLL puts on a lot of concerts! I’m waiting to see you all there♪

Riona Ohta 太田里織菜
Thank you for your continued support!

“I want people everywhere to know who I am!”

- Miki Sakura (佐倉みき) -
LI’m Mikipon aka Miki Sakura of LOVELY DOLL! I want people everywhere to know who I am so I’ve summarized it here for you! Please read on!

An idol’s job is giving out smiles. I do my best to maintain a smile every moment of the day! Naturally this includes when I’m working, but even when I’m my regular self! (*^^*) Usually I’m quite negative and prone to worry, and I often let the smallest of things upset me. But whenever I start feeling that way, I watch a funny video or something and then I smile or laugh and I’m happy again (lol).
At our concerts and meet-and-greet events, it’s the moments of trading smiles with all the fans that I feel happiest!

Idols are synonymous with…selfies? There are fans who became fans after seeing pictures posted on apps like Twitter, so it’s nothing to be scoffed at! I’m earnest in each and every photo that I post! ← (intense)
Miki Sakura 佐倉みき
Miki Sakura 佐倉みき
Miki Sakura 佐倉みき
My favorite camera app is the classic (?) Camera 360 and its fresh filter! Lately I’m obsessed with using the regular iPhone camera to take photos and then editing them with Beauty Plus or LINE Camera! You can give yourself a translucence and sheen for an overall “beautified” effect! (lol)

My mother is a healthy person and she would prepare meals and things that were good for my body since I was young. I’ve been eating cultivated yogurt every morning for the past few years now, as well as soy milk made from malted rice, homemade tomato and wakame (seaweed) soup, and when I want to drink something fizzy, I mix blueberry-flavored black vinegar with carbonated water! I’m always sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables often, too (*^^*)

This is my favorite character and my room is full of Pompompurin toys! I’ve collected a lot of goods myself, but most gratefully, I’ve also received a lot of Pompompurin goods from fans as gifts! Kawaii (*^^*)

I love dogs and whenever I pass by a pet shop I have to stop! (╹◡╹)♡ I have a Maltese (Chappi, 11yo) and I simply adore him. Dogs take me to my happy place! I know a lot about all the different breeds!

○Umika Kawashima (川島海荷), Ayaka Sasaki (佐々木彩夏)
I love them both but I’ve been a fan of Umika Kawashima for 10 years now! It’s because of her that I developed an urge to join this industry. Originally I wanted to be an actress and I really respect people like Umika-san who was an actress and an idol and a student all at the same time! She’s super cute and I love her personality and her looks – everything! I was over the moon when I got to perform with her at an event, and even though she has graduated from 9nine now, I would love to work with her again one day! I will keep working as an idol, though, doing my best and giving my biggest smiles so that people everywhere might get to know Miki Sakura and come to like me, too! I’m waiting to meet you all! Thanks for your support!

Miki Sakura 佐倉みき


Lovely Doll 愛乙女☆DOLL
愛乙女☆DOLL (Lovely Doll)

“Your dolls, always” – delivering live shows abounding with entertainment, these bona fide dolls are a performance powerhouse and an idol unit that never fails to impress!

Official Website: https://lovelydoll.jp/
Official Twitter: @lovelydoll_jp

Miyu Aisako (愛迫みゆ)
Karen Asahina (朝比奈花恋)
Riona Ohta (太田里織菜)
Miki Sakura (佐倉みき)
Yuriko Sano (佐野友里子)
Haruna (ハルナ)
Emi Ando (安藤笑)

*Latest Information
From April 2017 they began their 24-month solo tour “Lovely Fighter!! – Road to “Brand-New-Stage” – Nanatsu no hoshi ga egaku kiseki” – Touring now!


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