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The "MUJYOAN - OKAWA 1536 -" collapsible tea room will be displayed at the Grammy Awards’ official gift lounge!(1/13)

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A Japanese sensibility coupled with a technique that has been finely honed, the appeal of "Okawa Furniture" is spreading!

The "MUJYOAN‐OKAWA1536-" collapsible tea room

Widely known as a "town of furniture and wood making," Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is one of the top producers of woodwork in the entire country! With an excellence in design and skill in woodwork that is imbued with tradition, pieces of "Okawa Furniture" possess a high level of quality. In order to promote this celebrated craft to the rest of the world, Okawa City has launched the "OKAWA 1536" project. For their first overseas promotion, the "MUJYOAN - OKAWA 1536 -" collapsible tea room, which has been made using all the skill and technique synonymous with the Okawa area, will be on display at the 59th Grammy Awards' official gift lounge, which will be held in Los Angeles from 9th to 11th February 2017!
Here you can see the "Kumiko" technique used on the panels of the tea room

The "MUJYOAN-OKAWA 1536-" tea room's panels have been made with a decorative technique known as "Kumiko," a skill that involves assembling together wooden pieces, without using any nails or screws. This Japanese-style space, which looks very different when illuminated by bright, vibrant lighting, creates a dignified, imposing atmosphere that guests are sure to find mesmerizing.

The artists attending the Grammys' will be receiving a "Tsukiita (Wood Veneer) Lampshade" (pictured below) as an official gift. The mystique and charm of "Okawa Furniture," which has a 480 year history, will be on display for people from all over the world to witness. We can't wait to see how they respond! For those of you out there who want to see all of the different furniture and fittings for yourself, make sure you visit the "Okawa Woodwork Festival (大川木工まつり)," a Spring and Autumn event that welcomes in excess of 150,000 guests! (Editorial det.: Gon)

Tsukiita (Wood Veneer) Lampshade
"Tsukiita (Wood Veneer) Lampshade"


The "OKAWA1536" Project

In order to promote interior-related industries, which are key for the area, Okawa City have launched the "OKAWA 1536" project, which will aim to increase awareness abroad.

Okawa City Hall Interior division

Transcent Inc.
2nd floor, 1-17-11 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number: 03-6873-5995
Fax number: 03-3440-0655
Person in charge: Otaki

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