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"Amaou" strawberries! On sale at a full-scale level for 15 years! Special "Amaou Matsuri (Festival)" will be held to celebrate the anniversary!

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An event will be held from 17th to 18th February at the plaza in front of JR Hakata Station!

Amaou Matsuri
Fukuoka Prefecture's famous "Amaou" strawberries have now been available on a full-scale level for 15 years. A promotional event called the "Amaou Matsuri (Festival)" is being held from Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th February 2018 to mark this anniversary, as well as raise the profile of Fukuoka's agricultural produce and seafood. The popular "Amaou" brand of strawberry will be available at the festival alongside other local favorites, such as "Genki Tsukushi" rice, "Ra-mugi" (a type of wheat harvested to produce ramen), "Yame-cha" tea, and "Ariake-nori" seaweed.

New sweets and special limited items made using "Amaou" strawberries will be on sale at the event. Visitors will also be able to pick-up dishes prepared using produce and seafood from the Fukuoka area. Workshops have been organized that will give participants the chance to make delicious snacks, such as "Amaou Silk Crepes."

Check-out collaborations and tie-ins with various stores all over the country!

Amaou Matsuri
Special tie-in events will take place at various locations inside the prefecture (Fukuoka / Kitakyushu) and throughout the country from Saturday 10th February to Sunday 11th March! The participating establishments will be serving various dishes made with "Amaou" strawberries and other Fukuoka produce! Make sure not to miss-out on what promises to be a great opportunity to rediscover delicious Fukuoka foods! (Editorial Dept.: Mofar)

"あまおう祭り (AMAOU MATSURI)" Outline

Saturday 17th February 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday 18th February 10:00 - 16:00

 Event space in front of JR Hakata Station (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)

Main programs *For more information, please visit official website.
- Opening Ceremony (17th 11:00 - 11:30)
The first 200 hundred participants to arrive will receive "Amaou" strawberries as a gift (given out on a first-come first-served basis)
-Samples of local agricultural produce from the prefecture will be available. Amaou-flavored sweets will also be on sale.
-Experience making rice balls and sweets at the "'Umakaman' Workshop" (participation fee: 300 yen per person)

Collaborations/tie-in events (10th February to 11th March)
-Dishes prepared with local Fukuoka produce, such as "Amaou" strawberries will be available at a range of locations.
[Number of participating establishments in Fukuoka Prefecture: 35 (scheduled)]
Including locations such as Campbell Early, GARB LEAVES, Nishitetsu Grand Hotel, Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura, and others.
[Participating establishments in the Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai area]
Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima), 大地の贈り物 [Daichi no Okurimono] (Tokyo), Kyoto Century Hotel, Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo

Organized by:
Fukuoka-ken Norin Suisanbutsu Brand-ka Suishin Kyogikai (lit.: Committee Promoting the Branding of Fukuoka Prefecture Agriculture and Marine Products)

Inquiries, official website, social media
Fukuoka-ken Norin Suisanbutsu Brand-ka Suishin Kyogikai Jimukyoku (lit. Committee Promoting the Branding of Fukuoka Prefecture Agriculture and Marine Products Executive Office)
Fukuoka-ken Norin Suisanbu, Engei Shinko-ka, Ryutsu Shinko-gakari (lit.

Fukuoka Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, Horticultural Promotion Division, Business/Distribution Promotion Deptarment. (telephone number: 092-643-3486)
 Official Website: http://www.amaou.info/
 Facebook: @amaoufestival
 Twitter: @amaoufestival
 Instagram: @amaoufestival

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