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[Prize giveaway!] "Ramugi Baby-Star (Kyushu limited edition tonkotsu ramen flavor)"... Made with 100% ramugi!

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Check-out the Kyushu limited edition Baby-Star ramen snacks!

Ramugi Baby-Star
"Ramugi" was developed by Fukuoka Prefecture to help promote local ramen. It is also one of the first types of wheat in Japan to be harvested specifically to make ramen. "Ramugi Baby-Star (Kyushu limited edition tonkotsu ramen flavor)" are made entirely from this unique grain. These snacks are 100% ramugi!

Here is what the packaging looks like! Five small bags are connected together to create one long packet. The design on the outside features "barikata (very hard)" ramen, which looks absolutely delicious! Reading the lists of ingredients really got us excited! It notes that the crispy noodles are made with "ramugi" and "tonkotsu ramen soup," both of which are made in Fukuoka Prefecture!

Ramugi Baby-Star
You are sure to be hit by the fragrance of the noodles as soon as you open the bag. People will definitely be interested in the taste, which really makes the most out of the unique flavors associated with tonkotsu ramen! It's a really delicious sensation! The "barikata" texture, which is well known amongst Hakata locals, has been brilliantly recreated! These are somewhat firmer than standard Baby-Star snacks. The crispy texture is really enjoyable!

Ramugi Baby-Star
"Ramugi Baby-Star (Kyushu limited edition tonkotsu ramen flavor)" are on sale at various locations, including Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport. If you are passing through the area and looking to pick-up a souvenir, these are well worth purchasing! To celebrate their release we are giving away nine packets (five 23g bags per packet) to give away! Make sure to apply before the deadline closes! We are looking forward to hearing from you! (Editorial Dept.: Mofa)

≪Prize Giveaway≫

We have 9 packets (five 23g bags per packet) of "Ramugi Baby-Star (Kyushu limited edition tonkotsu ramen flavor)" to give away! We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

[Application period]
Wednesday 4th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

[Announcement of Winners]
Wednesday 1st August 2018

The application period is now over. Thank you!

The lucky winners are ...

ちっち san
ニク夫 san
Nolan san
익명02 san
华海酱 san
信圈圈 san
雨雨 san
Yukiya san
Chien san

(Please note, winners will receive an email directly from asianbeat. If you don not reply with a confirmation message within a week, you application will become invalid and you will not be able to claim your prize.)

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  • *Win a card signed by BATTEN GIRLS!
  • Tsuda Minami, Nagae Rika, and Takahashi Karin
  • *Win a card signed by Nagae Rika, Tsuda Minami and Takahashi Karin !