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Katsuya Terada's first solo exhibition in Kyushu! The manga artist/illustrator has been gaining attention both at home and abroad!

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"Line" drawings creating all kinds of expressions... You'll be stunned by the beauty and depth of the world's Terada creates!

Teraten Katsuya Terada Terra-ten
The manga artist/illustrator Katsuya Terada's first solo exhibition in Kyushu will run Saturday 25th August to Sunday 2nd September. He has been gaining a great deal of attention both in Japan and overseas! The exhibition, "Katsuya Terada Terra-ten "Analogue + Digital" drawing" will take place in the "Centro Italiano di Fukuoka" SPAZIO ART GALLERY!

Mr. Terada creates various types of artwork, including manga, illustrations for newspapers and novels. He also regularly designs characters for games and anime. The show will not just feature drawings that he created for this exhibition, but also around 30 carefully selected digital works. T-shirts, books, and "Terada-ki" (Japanese ceramics featuring Terada's illustrations) will be included in the display. The artist will be at the venue in person on the first day of the exhibition (Saturday 25th August) to participate in a talk and live drawing event that will start from 14:00! This is a great opportunity to enjoy Mr. Terada's delicate line drawings, which are produced without any sense of hesitation! His work has gained praise for their unique color schemes, as well as the depth of emotion that can be felt in the viewpoints presented and worlds that are created! The art on display is sure to take your breathe away! Please make sure to stop-by! (Editorial Dept: Gon)


寺田克也 (Katsuya Terada)

Manga artist / illustrator. Born in Okayama in 1963. Creates various forms of artwork, including manga, illustrations for newspapers and novels. Also regularly designs characters for games and anime. Grew up surrounded by an abundance of Japanese manga. Came into contact with the work of Moebius during adolescence, then encountered manga written and drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo. His original style has won over fans in Japan and overseas. Expresses himself using a combination of line and shade. Has gained inspiration from both Western comics and Asian techniques.

Worked on major manga series, including as "Saiyukiden Daienou (The Monkey King)" and "Rakuda Ga Warau." Contributed to games, such as "BUSIN" and titles in the "Virtua Fighter" series. Produced work for movies and TV shows, designing characters for "Yatterman" as well as "Kamen Rider W (Double)." The "寺田克也 ココ10年 (KATSUYA TERADA 10 TEN - 10 Year Retrospective -)" was held as at the Kyoto International Manga Museum in 2013. The "寺田克也 ココ12年~絵を描いて生きていく方法?~ (lit.: KATSUYA TERADA Koko 12 years - How do you Draw a Picture? -) exhibition was held in 2015 at the Fukushima Sakura Yu-gakusha. Has held various solo exhibitions across the West Coast of America over the last few years.

■ Official Website
- http://cacazan.com/
- terra's sketchbook (Tumblr): https://katsuyaterada.tumblr.com/

テラテン 寺田克也 terra展 「アナログ+デジタル」ドローイング
Teraten Katsuya Terada Terra-ten "Analogue + Digital" drawing

■ Period: Saturday 25th August 2018 - Sunday 2nd September 2018
12:00 to 19:00 (*Open daily during the run of this exhibition. )
■ Venue: Centro Italiano di Fukuoka
SPAZIO ART GALLERY (Tokirikyu M2F, 1-18-25 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
Tel.: 092-761-8570
■ Entrance fee: Free
■ Centro Italiano di Fukuoka Official Website: http://www.italykan.com/

■ Event: live drawing & talk
Saturday 25th August 2018
14:00 to 16:00
◎ Entrance fee: Free

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