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New Fukuoka-Born Characters, "鳴花ヒメ・ミコト" (MEIKA Hime & Mikoto) related event scheduled! Guest appearance by voice actor Koiwai Kotori!

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Learn from a popular creator at a live lecture!

"鳴花ヒメ・ミコト" (MEIKA Hime & Mikoto) Illustrated by △○□×
Do you know about "鳴花ヒメ・ミコト" (MEIKA Hime & Mikoto)*, the cute Fukuoka-born pair that takes the provincial flower, the plum as their motive? Illustrator, △○□× (Miwashiba) took charge of the character design, giving birth to these new characters in March this year!

On the coming Sunday 7 July (from 15:00), the event "Koiwai Kotori's Live Lecture on the Game Commentary feat. MEIKA Hime & Mikoto", will be held at Tenjin VIVRE, welcoming as guests Koiwai Kotori, the voice actor who plays MEIKA Hime & Mikoto, and mathru@KanimisoP, the creator who handled the ending theme song for the new TV anime, "Hakata Mentai! Pirakarakochan", which starts airing on the same day. There are probably lots of gamers out there who are thinking they'd like to give video game streaming a go. The two guests are scheduled to use simple game production tools, "mUniSm" to give a demonstration of the game commentary through live play. This is a chance to see the actual editing process up close, so be sure to check the official site for details! >> HERE!! [*Information available in Japanese] (Editing Dept., Gon)

*MEIKA Hime & Mikoto: Fukuoka-born characters compatible with voice synthesizer software "VOCALOID (singing voice synthesizer software)" and "gynoid TALK (text-reading software)".
小岩井ことり (Koiwai Kotori)

mathru@かにみそP (mathru@KanimisoP)
ⓒ2019 Gynoid ⓒ2019 MontBlanc Pictures Co.,Ltd.


小岩井ことりのゲーム実況講座 feat. 鳴花ヒメ・ミコト
*Click to enlarge image! (*Available at gynoid website)

- Date and time: Sunday 7 July 2019, event starts from 15:00
- Venue: Event Space (2F Tenjin VIVRE)
To participate, a numbered ticket is compulsory. Tickets to be distributed at "Animate Fukuoka Tenjin" on 6F Tenjin VIVRE from Saturday 29th June (scheduled).
*Detailed information on the event / participants conditions is >> HERE! (*Available in Japanese)

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