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FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ visited Fukuoka! The legendary manga-ka made an appearance at the opening of "FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ THE EXHIBITION!" asianbeat stopped by to take sneak peek!

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FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ came to visit Fukuoka!

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
The "FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ THE EXHIBITION" is running from Saturday 27th July to Sunday 18th August at the Nishitetsu Hall, Tenjin, Fukuoka! The legendary manga-ka (manga artist) FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ came to Fukuoka on Friday 26th July to help open the exhibition! We rushed over to cover his visit and take a sneak peek!

"I am so grateful that I can continue to draw manga that I like!"

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
Photo of Ⓐ with his life-size figure at the entrance zone!

Ⓐ spoke to the reporters who were covering his visit. He shared funny stories from his younger days and explained what aspects of the exhibition visitors should keep an eye out for! He also took some time to speak about himself and what he is currently up to. He is now 85 years old, and still draws manga. In an energetic tone he said, "I have never found the prospect of drawing manga to be overwhelming. I am so grateful that I can continue to draw manga that I like." He also told the media representatives that were present about his visit to Fukuoka. He mentioned that he tried some delicious "gobo-ten udon" (udon noodles topped with tempura-fried burdock) at lunchtime. Hopefully he got to sample a lot of tasty local delicacies during his time in the area!

An exhibition full of unique exhibits!

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
Pop Zone

The venue is divided into 6 zones. In each section there is a monitor showing a video of Ⓐ explaining the process behind the work that is featured in the display. There are also lots of three-dimensional objects and unique spots for visitors to take photos. The exhibition is full of fun, interesting attractions. Ⓐ was full of praise for the venue. He said "it is fun to be here as a visitor." Make sure to check-out "FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ THE EXHIBITION!" This a great chance to enjoy the wonderful world of Ⓐ♪ (Editorial Dept.: Text/Mofer, Photo/Nene)
藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
トキワ荘 (Tokiwa-sou) Zone
藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
"笑ゥせぇるすまん" (The Laughing Salesman) Zone

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
Ⓐ no Hen Collection (lit.: Ⓐ's strange collection) Zone

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-Ⓐ suggested that visitors check-out these Indian dolls! He said that you can experience a lot of joy by observing their movement!

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-Collaborative art work is featured in the displays to help commemorate the opening of "FUJIKO FUJIO Ⓐ THE EXHIBITION"!

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-
Original merchandise is also available at the venue!

藤子不二雄Ⓐ展 -Ⓐの変コレクション-

■Period: Saturday 27th July - Sunday 18th August 2019
■Venue: Nishitetsu Hall (6F Solaria Stage Building, 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi JAPAN)
■Official Website: https://fujiko-a-ten.jp/top.html
■Twitter: @fujiko_a_ten
■Facebook: @fujikoaten

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