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“asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019” is coming to Hanoi, Vietnam, soon!

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Showcasing all the attractions of Fukuoka Prefecture through youth culture! Make sure to come along!

asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019
asianbeat has been hosting events since 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam, to showcase everything great about Fukuoka Prefecture. This year, we are hosting the "asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019" on Sunday 24th November 2019! Here are a few of our recommendations from this year's exciting program.

Taking applications for the 2020 Kawaii Ambassador Contest!

The two Vietnamese Kawaii Ambassadors, chosen as the 2019 asianbeat-FACo Kawaii Ambassadors, will take to the stage! Hear about their experiences walking the runway at the Fukuoka Asia Collection (FACo), the largest fashion event in Kyushu, held in Fukuoka Prefecture in March this year, and enjoying sightseeing spots in Fukuoka Prefecture! We will also be taking applications for the 2020 Kawaii Ambassador Contest at the event!
asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019
The 2019 Vietnamese Kawaii Ambassadors at FACo
asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019While in Fukuoka, the Kawaii Ambassadors also visited popular sightseeing spots in the prefecture and experienced Japanese culture.

Live performance by the Vietnamese idol group "POLARIS"

The Vietnamese idol group "POLARIS" will perform on stage! Shiki, the leader of the group, visited Fukuoka in July this year (>> check out "Shiki Style! Fukuoka - Japanese Culture Travelogue", a report of her trip to Fukuoka here)! At the event, Shiki will also talk about her memories of the Fukuoka trip.
asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019
"POLARIS" (at our last event)

Experience all the wonders of Fukuoka!

The stage will be filled with color, with cosplay and yukata contests, which generate a lot of excitement every year, as well as a Lolita Fashion Show! There will also be Japanese cultural experience corners, including the chance to taste Fukuoka’s famous confections, try out calligraphy and wear yukata! Come along to the "asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019"! Keep an eye out for our report of the day, which will be posted soon. (Editorial Dept.: Harty)
asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019
Cosplay contest (at our last event)

asianbeat Aki Matsuri 2019
Lolita fashion show (at our last event)

asianbeat AKI MATSURI 2019

Date & Time: 10:30 - 18:00, Sunday 24 November 2019
Venue: Central Court, AEON MALL Long Bien (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Entry: free
[On stage]
Talk show with the 2019 Vietnam Kawaii Ambassadors, cosplay contest, lolita fashion show, yukata contest, live performance by "POLARIS" (a Vietnamese idol group), and more!
asianbeat promotion, tasting of Fukuoka's famous confections, Japanese cultural experience corners (calligraphy, origami, yukata), and much more!
Hosts: asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN, Fukuoka Prefecture
Co-host: Embassy of Japan in Vietnam

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