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Meet the up-and-coming voice artists in Fukuoka♪ "Next Stars Circle vol.4" to be held on Sunday 27th September 2020!

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Iwasaki Ryota (voice of Nurude Sasara from "HYPNOSISMIC: DIVISION RAP BATTLE") and Seki Tomokazu (voice of Kougami Shinya from "PSYCHO-PASS") will be making an appearance!

Next Stars Circle
An event to support young up-and-coming voice artists - “Next Stars Circle vol.4” will be held in RESOLA NTT YUME-TENJIN HALL on Sunday 27th September 2020. Iwasaki Ryota, who has achieved a breakthrough and plays Nurude Sasara in "HYPNOSISMIC: DIVISION RAP BATTLE", as well as Yoarashi Inasa in "MY HERO ACADEMIA", is going to make an appearance! Besides, Seki Tomokazu who plays Shinazugawa Sanemi in the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” will be attending as a special guest as well! Don’t miss the chance to meet them in Fukuoka! Not only there will be a talk session which you can enjoy listening to the voice artists in real life, audience may participate in a quiz by using penlights♪Find out more information on the official website, (>> HERE!) (Editorial Dept.: Nika)

As a first attempt, online live streaming will be available this time! For more information, check >> here! (*This page is available in Japanese)
* Please note: This event will be carried out in Japanese.


Next Stars Circle
- Official Website: https://nextstarscircle.planet-fukuoka.com/
- Twitter: @NextStarsCircle
- Instagram: @nextstarscircle

岩崎諒太 (Iwasaki Ryota)
- Official Website (Profile): http://www.atomicmonkey.jp/jp/archives/talent/iwasakiryouta
- Twitter: @zurixzuri

関智一 (Seki Tomokazu)
- Official Website (Profile): http://www.atomicmonkey.jp/jp/archives/talent/sekitomokazu
- Twitter: @seki0908
- YouTube: Klik di sini!

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