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Check out these Fukuoka-local soft serve ice cream treats! They're the perfect companion for your foodie adventures, so give them a try!


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some of the facilities might have taken various measures such as reducing business hours or temporarily closing their doors. For more information, please check the relevant facility's official website or social media account.

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From black to pink to green, Fukuoka's soft serve ice cream can be enjoyed in all kinds of colors and flavors♪

When it comes to traveling, one of the best things to look forward to is trying out the local cuisine. So, we've got a treat for you! We've scoured the city of Fukuoka and gathered up the most colorful, diverse, and delicious soft serve ice cream flavors for you to indulge in. These unique flavors range from black to pink to green, and each has its own personality and taste. Some are made with local ingredients, while others are only available for a limited time to celebrate special events. You've got to try these one-of-a-kind Fukuoka soft serve ice cream flavors and make some unforgettable travel memories! Trust us, you won't regret it.

* Please note that the information in this article is accurate at the time of writing, so it is recommended to check the official websites and social media pages of each facility or spots for the latest information.

What a contrast between the look and the taste! Charcoal soft serve♪

Sekitan Soft
(Information as of October 2020)


Did you know that there is a place selling a unique local soft serve inspired by the town's thriving coal mining industry in the past? It is the "Michi no Eki (lit.: roadside station / roadside rest area) Itoda" located in Itoda-machi, Tagawa-gun (along Route 201). You might be startled by the glowing black "Charcoal Soft Serve (SEKITAN SOFT)", wondering "will it make my tongue black!?" "there's charcoal so it must be bitter...!?" However, what comes after taking a bite is the surprisingly rich chocolate taste! It is inevitable for your tongue to turn black after eating it, but it is the local dessert that you absolutely must try!

- Address: 162-4 Itoda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
- Michi no Eki Itoda / Ojugonchi Ichiba Karasuo Official Website (BUNNY'S info.): http://www.michinoekiitoda.jp/food.html

♡ Check out more details on BUNNY'S, here!

Makes you want to stop by during a drive! A "snack spot" where you can enjoy good taste and features!

(Information as of April 2021)


Itoshima is where you can easily go for a drive from Fukuoka city centre. There are lots of cafes and restaurants along the "Sunset Road", where the famous sunset spot Meoto Iwa (lit.: Wedded/Married Couple Rocks) are located. One of them is "FUTAMIGAURA SHOTEN OYATU-STAND", which offers traditional Japanese snacks in a modern style! It is a perfect place to get some snacks during a drive, as it offers a variety of desserts that not only taste and look good but are also available for take-out! The adorable-shaped 'Futami Soft (Strawberry)' is a sweet and tangy treat that you won't be able to resist. It's not only delightful to taste but also pleasing to the eye. You'll surely get hooked on this charming dessert♪

- Location: Oda 2198-3, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Japan
- Official Website: https://futamigaura.com/oyatu-stand/
- Instagram: @futamigaurashoten

♡ Check out more details on FUTAMIGAURA SHOTEN OYATU-STAND, here!

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Yame tea with their Yame Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream, made with the finest matcha from Hoshino Village, Yame's tea production hub♪

八女観光物産館 ときめき
(Information as of October 2022)

● Yame Tourism Products Hall Tokimeki / 八女観光物産館 ときめき

If you are searching for souvenirs of Yame City, make sure to stop by at Yame Tourism Products Hall Tokimeki! A perfect place to find souvenirs such as Yame tea, Japanese sake and sweets. Try the rich Yame tea soft-serve ice cream, from Hoshino Village, a famous tea production area. It uses ample amounts of delicious matcha tea powder and is a must-have for any tea lover! This hall is located in the Yame Traditional Crafts Center, you could combine souvenir shopping with visiting the traditional craft museum.

- Address: 2-129 Honmachi, Yame-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Yame Traditional Crafts Center Official Website (Yame Tourism Products Hall Tokimeki INFO): HERE!
- Facebook: @yamedentoukougeikan

♡ Check out more details on Yame Tourism Products Hall Tokimeki, here!

Rose Soft Serve Ice Cream, with its sweet and fragrant aroma fills your senses with every bite♡

(Information as of November 2021)


Get ready to be amazed by the rosy scent the moment you take a bite of this cafe & gallery shop Rakusuitei's rose flavoured soft serve which is only available for takeout during the "Rose Fair". The cafe & gallery shop "Rakusuitei" is located on the premises of the cultural-arts complex "Ishibashi Cultural Center"! (Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

- Address: 1015 Nonaka-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan (Inside ISHIBASHI CULTURAL CENTER)
- Official Website (RAKUSUITEI info): https://www.ishibashi-bunka.jp/shisetsu/rakusui.php
- Facebook: @ishibashibunka

♡ Check out more details on RAKUSUITEI, here!

You can't go wrong with either the matcha or hojicha (roasted green tea) soft serve ice cream flavors. Which one will you choose?

(Information as of August 2021)

● Chanohado / 茶の葉堂

Introducing "Chanohado", a Yame tea specialty store that offers desserts and a wide variety of tea made in Okuyame area, which is rich in nature. It is a teahouse filled with Japanese flair where Japanese traditional chair and umbrella can be seen in front of the store, and is perfect for taking a break with the exquisite matcha soft serve ice cream and freshly brewed tea!

- Address: 2019-4 Mizuhara, Hirokawa-machi, Yame-gun, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: https://chanohado.com/
- Facebook: @chanohado

♡ Check out more details on Chanohado, here!

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