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Brewery List [Chikugo Area](4/43)

    23. Chitosenomatsu Shuzo (千年乃松酒造): "New stars appearing from breweries that are sensitive to the changing times"

    Chitosenomatsu Shuzo

    Recommended Sake from the Brewery:

    # 1
    D-ONE Nama-happou Junmai-Shu
    (D-ONE 生発泡純米酒)

    D-ONE Nama-happou Junmai-ShuThis sparkling pure sake's use of malic acid yeast provides a refreshing sour kick to the drink, which is well balanced against the sweetness left over from the use of koji (rice-malt).

    A new taste sensation, this champagne-esque Japanese sake has a mellow and slightly fruity flavor. At 7% alcohol, this makes for the perfect apéritif.
    # 1 
    Hana Asobi

    Hana AsobiA white wine flavored fruity sake that is made to accompany a meal, D-ONE is heated during the brewing process.

    * Basic Information

    Brewery Name: Chitosenomatsu Shuzo (千年乃松酒造株式会社)
    Official Website: http://www.chitosenomatu.jp/
    Address: 370-1, Imayama, Kitanomachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken
    Phone Number: 0942-78-3003
    Tour of brewery: Available (booking required)
    Kurabiraki (Cellar Opening): Mid-March (held annually)
    Sake sold on site: Available
    Transportation: 5 minute walk from Kitano Station, Nishitetsu Amagi Line



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