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Chikuho Area | Chikuho Area Tourism Council|筑豊地区観光協議会

Fukuoka Virtual Travel
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Sato Airi shares how to spend your trip in the Chikuho area!

*Chikuho Area Tourism Council | "Chikuho Stay Vol.1" (released in March 2019)
The Chikuho Area Tourism Council is formed by 15 municipalities in the Chikuho area of Fukuoka Prefecture. A video titled "Chikuho Stay" was posted on its official YouTube channel, introducing the wonderful atmosphere as well as 15 recommended sightseeing spots in the Chikuho area! Spectacular natural scenery, kofun (ancient tombs) where histories lie, famous gourmet food and desserts... all these fantastic trip ideas are summarized in the video. The guide is Sato Airi, a model and celebrity. Let's find out what she suggests for having a great trip while she was touring the cities!
*Chikuho Area Tourism Council | "Chikuho Stay Vol. 2" (released in March 2019)


Chikuho Area Tourism Council / 筑豊地区観光協議会
- Related municipalities: Nogata-shi, Iizuka-shi, Tagawa-shi, Miyawaka-shi, Kama-shi, Kotake-machi, Kurate-machi, Keisen-machi, Kawara-machi, Soeda-machi, Itoda-machi, Kawasaki-machi, Oto-machi, Akamura, Fukuchi-machi
- YouTube Channel: HERE!

- Hot spots around this area! -

[Iizuka City]
Charcoal soft serve
[Itoda-machi, Tagawa-gun]
英彦山0合目食堂 / 道の駅 歓遊舎ひこさん
HIKOSAN ZERO GŌME KITCHEN / Michi-no-eki Kanyuusha Hikosan
[Soeda-machi, Tagawa-gun]



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