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Kitakyushu City | Kanmon Straits

Fukuoka Virtual Travel
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 简体字 繁體字 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia

Giant monster appears in the Kanmon Straits! A video with over 150 million views♪

*Kitakyushu City Tourist Information Web site: "Gururich KitaQshu" | "COME ON! Kanmon! - Straits Monster -"
released on March 2017
On the sea of Kanmon Straits, that separate Northern Kyushu (Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka) and Honshu (Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi), a huge shadow and vortex suddenly appeared. Follow by that is a mysterious "Straits Monster" that does not seem to belong to this world, scaring the people away with frightening screams...! With the purpose of promoting Kanmon Straits, Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City produced a tourism video and it has surpassed 150 million views! It has been about 4 years since it was released in 2017, but still fascinating many viewers. It was directed by Eguchi Kan, who belongs to a film making company based in Fukuoka named KOO-KI, and has also directed the film "Mentai Piriri". Furthermore, the CG production team of the 2.37-minute unbelievably impressive video includes well known Japanese VFX companies, such as NISHIKAIGAN, AnimationCafe, and SHIROGUMI INC.! The video is available not only in Japanese, but also in English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), and Thai. Check out this realistically great video!


- "COME ON! Kanmon Straits! - Kaikyo Kaiju (Straits Monster) -" Official Website: https://www.gururich-kitaq.com/kanmon_movie/en/

- Kitakyushu City Tourist Information Web site "Gururich KitaQshu": https://www.gururich-kitaq.com/en/
- Twitter: @kcta_sns
- Facebook: @kitaq.cha3
- Instagram: @kitakyushu_gururich_tourism
- YouTube: HERE!

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Mojiko Retro District
Mojiko Retro District
Kokura Castle
Kokura Castle
Kitakyushu Manga Museum
Kitakyushu Manga Museum
Aruaru City
Aruaru City
Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human HistoryKitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History
TOTO Museum
TOTO Museum



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