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Interview Now - 西元祐貴 (Yu-ki Nishimoto) -(1/2)

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Yu-ki Nishimoto’s first solo exhibition "Ryu no Kiseki" opened at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum on Saturday 6th January. A gifted sumi-e artist, Nishimoto has the ability to breathe life into his creations in the blink of an eye. Nowhere is this better illustrated than his depictions of dynamic athletes and vibrant dragons, which feel like they might spring into life at any moment.

We went along to an opening ceremony and a private viewing for press outlets on Friday 5th January prior to the start of the exhibition. Check-out our interview with Nishimoto to find-out about some of the show's highlights. We will also have more information about his epic masterpiece "Honryu," which he completed inside the venue, and photographs from inside the exhibition space. And do not forget about our prize giveaway! One lucky asianbeat reader will win a card signed by Nishimoto. More details are available at the end of the article!

*Find-out more about the pre-exhibition events here! >> [EVENT SNAPS] "Yu-ki Nishimoto Ryu no Kiseki" Opening Ceremony and Press Viewing")

I would like to see children and young people attend. It would be great to see people who do not usually go to art museums.

asianbeat(hereafter referred to as ab): Congratulations on your first solo exhibition! You are originally from Kagoshima, but now active in Fukuoka. Why did you choose Fukuoka as your base?
Yu-ki Nishimoto (hereafter referred to as Nishimoto): I have work in Tokyo pretty much every month, but I always come back to Fukuoka. Having the airport so close makes things really convenient. And the food is delicious, so it is a good place to be based in that sense. It almost feels like "little Tokyo" around here (lol)!

ab: You are also active overseas. Fukuoka is so close to the rest of Asia, is that an advantage for you?

Nishimoto: I travel from Fukuoka when I go to places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore for live performances. Fukuoka is definitely convenient in those kinds of instances.

ab: Your first solo exhibition "Ryu no Kiseki" opened on 6th January. Do you have any plans to hold a solo exhibition overseas anytime soon?

Nishimoto: I am really going to try and make it happen. The exact schedule has not been decided. We are just sorting out all the details.
Yu-ki Nishimoto
Yu-ki Nishimoto
Sumi-e artist
ab: It seems that your collaborations with popular video games, such as Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi, has brought your work to the attention of many young people. Has that been the case?

Yu-ki Nishimoto
"Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi" x Yu-ki Nishimoto, "Date Masamune" ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Yu-ki Nishimoto
Nishimoto: Yes. definitely. In this exhibition, I have tried to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, such as VR and projection mapping. At this stage of my life, I've got to keep painting a lot, but this exhibition does feature that kind of technology, which is a challenge for me. So, I would like to see children and young people attend. It would be great to see people come to the exhibition who do not usually go to art museums.

Yu-ki Nishimoto
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