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"Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -" - Koga Aoi and Suzushiro Sayumi

Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival 2022
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The event got under way with an unexpected manzai performance! Fans got to learn more about the bonds that exist between "Team Kaguya-sama!"

Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -
"Kaguya-sama ha Kokura Setai - KPF Never Ends -" took place on Sunday 27th November 2022. The session was held on the second day of KPF2022. It served as great way to celebrate the release of an anime film "Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai: First Kiss ha Owaranai (lit. Kaguya-sama: Love is War - The First Kiss That Never Ends)," which hit movie theaters in Japan from Saturday 17th December 2022. Voice artists Koga Aoi, who plays Shinomiya Kaguya, and Suzushiro Sayumi, who portrays Shirogane Kei appeared at the event!
Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -
▲ (From left) Koga Aoi and Suzushiro Sayumi
The "Kaguya-sama" session started with a surprise manzai (comedy performed by a duo) segment! One of the skits was related to "Kaguya-sama", "Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai: First Kiss ha Owaranai" and Kokura! The jokes had the audience roaring with laughter and injected a great deal of energy into the venue! Tanaka Akira, who works for Aniplex (anime production company behind "Kaguya-sama") and helped promote the film, acted as the moderator for the talk. During the discussion, the participants spoke about some of the most exciting moments in the film and also shared their thoughts about the production.

As the conversation progressed Koga stated that "this film explores how Kaguya and Shirogane Miyuki realize their feelings for each other. It is a film about how they face one another. Viewers will also get to see expressions that Kaguya has not shown before!" Suzushiro added that "Kei-chan also makes an appearance in the film!"
Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -▲▼ There was a chance for the speakers to reflect on some scenes from the TV series that really made an impression on them. They also looked back at the "Hoshin-sai in AKIHABARA" event that took place in October 2022. There is such an amazing bond between the cast and staff... They're now known as the "Team Kaguya-sama!"

Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -
Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -
Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai - KPF Never Ends -
At one point during the event, Koga pointed at the main visual for the KPF2022 that features "Kaguya-sama" and excitedly proclaimed, "I just went there!" Koga added "the position of the KOKURA monument and the castle featured in the image is exactly like this, so make sure to strike the same pose as Kaguya if you go there and take a photograph." Suzushiro referenced another event that was staged in collaboration with BOAT RACE WAKAMATSU. Her eyes sparkled as she said "I'm so happy that Kaguya-sama is all over the city!"
Koga Aoi
Suzushiro Sayumi
The anime is popular in Japan and overseas, there must be a number of fans based abroad who are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. Koga took some time to reminisce about her previous performances overseas. She told the crowd how happy she was that people love Japanese anime. She also made sure to shout out Suzuki Ryota, who plays the role of Ishigami Yu. Unfortunately, Suzuki was feeling unwell, so could not make it to the event. Koga spoke into the camera and kindly checked if he was doing alright. She then brought the session to a close by energetically saying "I hope we can all stand beside each other on another occasion!"

◎ KPF2022 Booth Area

Kaguya-sama photo spots▲▼ There were great places to take photos in the exhibition booths. Cutouts of the student council members dressed in Christmas-themed outfits have been placed in front of an image of the the Ōgai Bridge illuminations.

Kaguya-sama photo spots
Kaguya-sama × BOAT RACE WAKAMATSU▲ There was also a space that has been inspired by the BOAT RACE WAKAMATSU collaboration. Cutouts of the student council members dressed as racers have been dotted around, while Hayasaka has turned into a ring girl!


"Kaguya-sama ha Kokurasetai: First Kiss ha Owaranai (lit. Kaguya-sama: Love is War - The First Kiss That Never Ends)"

- Original Story: Akasaka Aka (serialized in "WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP", published by Shueisha Inc.)
- Release date: Saturday 17th December 2022 (now showing in Japanese cinemas!)
- Cast: Shinomiya Kaguya / Koga Aoi, Shirogane Miyuki / Furukawa Makoto, Fujiwara Chika / Kohara Konomi, Ishigami Yu / Suzuki Ryota, Iino Miko / Tomita Miyu
- Distributed by: Aniplex
- Official Website: https://kaguya.love/
- Twitter: @anime_kaguya

Koga Aoi / 古賀葵
- Twitter: @824_aoi
- Instagram: @koga_aoi0824

Suzushiro Sayumi / 鈴代紗弓
- Official Website: https://www.artsvision.co.jp/talent/4472/

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