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LinQ Riona's Style - JAPAN -

What's your daily routine?
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 簡体中文 繁體中文 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia
A close-up of Asian youngsters who are in tune with current trends and delivering their "worldview" through social media! We will keep you updated about their "Daily Routine" in real life! In this special feature, let us introduce you to Suzumoto Riona, a member of Fukuoka idol group, "LinQ"!

Eat meat once a week! Galbi and beef tongue are the best!

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #My favorite fashion styles now!

Riona Riona: My recent favourite style is the sophisticated and cute look♥ I love adding eye-catching bright colours to different types of outfits♥

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #How do you take care of your body?

Riona Riona: Every time after removing my makeup, I'll apply face mask and apply lotion to my whole body to keep it moisturized. There are different types of masks every season, since It's easy to get sunburnt right now, I'm using rich moisturizing masks. Sunscreen is also necessary all year round!

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #How do you spend time at home?

Riona Riona: Recently, a new "idol" has come to my house - the toy poodle Pipi-chan! This cute little thing has brightened up my every day♥

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #Favourite dish

Riona Riona: I love meat, especially galbi and beef tongue! I like to eat them with lots of grilled cabbage too! I'm eating meat at least once a week!

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #Favourite Photo

Riona Riona: I love this photo so much because there're flowers everywhere including my clothes!

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
 #Fukuoka and me

Riona Riona: I love local mascot characters! There're many cute and unique characters in Fukuoka Prefecture, such as Ukipii (Ukiha City) and jabow (Omuta City) who won the second place in the Yuru-Chara Grand Prix! It's a must to check out these lovely mascot characters when you visit Fukuoka♪

LinQ Suzumoto Riona
LinQ Suzumoto Riona


涼本理央那 (Suzumoto Riona)

I am Suzumoto Riona, a member of the Fukuoka idol group, LinQ. We usually do live shows in Japan and overseas, including online shows nowadays. Please check the information of live shows through the official website or social medias listed below! Can't wait to see you♪

- Twitter: @riona_suzumoto
- Instagram: @riona_suzumoto
- YouTube: @Linqofficial
- TikTok: @riona_suzumoto

- Official Website: https://www.loveinq.com/
- Blog: https://ameblo.jp/loveinq/
- Twitter: @LinQ_official

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