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Meet the Kawaii Ambassadors!

FACo 2017
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Kawaii Ambassadors from China, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan, have been chosen through the "2017 asianbeat / FACo Kawaii Ambassador Contest!" Read-on to find-out who they are, what they thought about being selected and their excitement about being involved with FACo!

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The Kawaii Ambassadors from China

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Tang Chen 唐晨
唐晨 (Tang Chen)

I didn't think I would be chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador, so I feel really moved! I'm grateful to all my family and friends who voted! I'll be preparing as best I can right up until FACo to make sure that I can show my best self to everyone! Let's meet up in March!

2017 Kawaii Ambassador China Ma Yuan 馬園
馬園 (Ma Yuan)

It is an honor to be chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador. This will be the first time I've been on such a big stage, so it's going to be a very valuable experience for me. I want to see all the models up-close on the runway and study what they do. I'm also looking forward to interacting with all the other Kawaii Ambassadors about the fashion and culture in their countries and regions.


The Kawaii Ambassadors from Thailand

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Thaikand Chulapa Pongsak (Gifgif)
Chulapa Pongsak (Gifgif)

I love Japan, so I am very happy to be chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador. I've been totally into Japan, including the food, fashion, manga, tourism, and movies, ever since I was a kid, but I've never been. So I really want to take the opportunity to try and pick-up some of the language, learn about Fukuoka and find-out more about Japanese culture.

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Thailand Supatnan Nirachak (Am)
Supatnan Nirachak (Am)

I was so surprised to be chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador. I'm so happy, it feels like a dream! As a Kawaii Ambassador I hope to let lots of people know about Fukuoka and what it has to offer! Thanks so much to everyone!


The Kawaii Ambassadors from Vietnam

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Vietnam Tran Thu Phuong
Tran Thu Phuong

I am so honored to be a Kawaii Ambassador. I hope to carry-out what's expected of Kawaii Ambassadors by spreading Japanese kawaii fashion among young people back in Vietnam.

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Vietnam Nguyen Kieu Ly
Nguyen Kieu Ly

I am so honored and happy to be a Kawaii Ambassador. I'll do my best to create a bridge that can encourage cultural exchange to take place between Japan and Vietnam.


The Kawaii Ambassadors from Taiwan

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Taiwan Lee Mei 李玫
李玫 (Lee Mei)

It's thanks to those who voted for me that I was selected as one of the Taiwanese Kawaii Ambassadors. Thank you so much to everyone! This isn't just about appearing at FACo, I feel so fortunate to have the chance to learn about Japanese culture. I'm really looking forward to walking the FACo runway, taking part in a magazine shoot, and interacting with Kawaii Ambassadors from lots of different places.

2017 Kawaii Ambassador Taiwan sammy
劉貴華 (Sammy)

I'm so happy to be able to cover lots of locations around Fukuoka as a Kawaii Ambassador! When I return to Taiwan, I want to show everyone the illustrations that I plan on doing during my trip! I love walking the runway, so I am very happy that I will get the chance to be on stage at this year's FACo. Thank you very much to everyone who vote for me!



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