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[Information] Come to the "Manga assistant experience" workshop!!

Fukuoka Manga World
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LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: フクオカ・マンガ・ワールド Fukuoka Manga World Fukuoka Manga World Fukuoka Manga World

Learn how to ink fill and apply screentone♪

Manga assistant experience workshop
Our second experience-based event for the "Fukuoka Manga World" exhibit is a manga assistant experience workshop! In this workshop you’ll experience the tasks of an manga assistant such as ink fill and applying screentones. It may seem like a challenging task at glance but it is a very easy content using a manga starter kit. At the Kitakyushu Manga Museum where they post about the traits and charms of manga and periodic have advance level manga courses! Please check it out♪

The Manga assistant experience workshop will be on June 7th (THU) at the Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba 11th floor of the Fukuoka Prefectural Government Office. This is a free event. Pre-registration is required for this event and for those interested in participating please fill out the registration form and send it via email or FAX! Information is provided below this article. We look forward to your participation!!
Manga assistant experience workshop
Manga assistant experience workshop

Details for "Manga assistant experience" workshop

■Date: Thursday 7th of June, 2018
■Time: 14:00-14:40
■Location: Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba North tower meeting space (11th Floor Fukuoka Kencho (Fukuoka Prefectural Office), 7-7 Higashi Koen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
■Event:Ink fill, drawing effect lines and speech bubbles, and applying screentone workshop
■Capacity:20 people limit (registration ends once limit reached, if not reached then day of participation is possible)
■Fee: Free
■Entry:Registration required

■Please register via email or FAX
- Register by FAX >> 092-643-3224 Registration Form is here!
- Register by email >> info@asianbeat.com

Please on the subject of the e-mail, put [漫画家アシスタント体験WS申し込み (For "Manga assistant experience" workshop]. Provide the following information on the e-mail.

*Name (can apply for others too)
*Phone number (number that is can be easily reachable)

■Inquary: asianbeat Editorial Department (info@asianbeat.com)

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