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The 6th Kitakyushu International Manga Competition - Awarded Works

The 6th Kitakyushu International Manga Competition
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 第2回北九州国際漫画大賞 The 2nd Kitakyushu International Manga Competition The 2nd Kitakyushu International Manga Competition The 2nd Kitakyushu International Manga Competition The 2nd Kitakyushu International Manga Competition The 2nd Kitakyushu International Manga Competition

Introducing the award-winning masterpiece from all around the world!

In this installment, we will be introducing 5 masterpieces that have won the Grand Prize, Overseas Participant Award, Manga Museum Award, Culture City of East Asia Special Award, and asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award!
All the award winning works from 1st to 6th are posted on the official website of "The Kitakyushu International Manga Competition"! Click here to view the 6th award-winning works!

Grand Prize

Title: Common Raccoon / アライグマ
Manga artist: Robofree / ロボフリー (Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan)

The true dark thoughts of the cute and innocent looking raccoon!

Grand Prize

"Here you go"
*splash splash*
"omg it's so cute, it's washing it in the water!"
"I wonder why they do that"
"To wash the dirt off from your filthy hands"

Comments from the Judges

A masterpiece that fits with the times. The expression of the raccoon in the 4th panel is everything and is so spot-on!

Overseas Participant Award

Title: Potato Deviation / じゃがいもの逸脱
Manga artist: Park Hee-Won / 박희원 (Korea)

The idea of "peeling off" your clothing instead of "putting on" the swimsuit is amusing! You could also tell the potatoes are having fun at the beach!


Comments from the Judges

A comic that spreads laughter around the world without even having a dialogue! The idea of "peeling off" the skin to make themselves a swimsuit is amusing. Simple lines and soft color goes well with this art work!

Manga Museum Award

Title: Favorite Way to Eat / 好きな食べ方
Manga artist: Orekata! / オレカタ! (Saitama Prefecture, Japan)

Ripe and juicy looking tangerine with a plot twist!


Favourite Way to Eat
Looking at the white pith on the tangerine,
I gently peel them off one by one,
After making sure that I leave no pith behind...

Comments from the Judges

I was reading the first to third comic panels in between 10 to 20 seconds until I saw a plot twist at the end! We burst out laughing after seeing him shove the white pith into his mouth!

Culture City of East Asia Special Award

Title: Snowman / 雪だるま
Manga artist: Ninap (Canada)

A fantastic artwork where the kid, the snowman and even the bunnies who ate the carrot are all very adorable!


"Hey there's a snowman without a nose!"
"Here! Now you have a nose!"
"Mom! The snowman ate the carrot!"
"Yay another carrot"
"Yum! Yum!"

Comments from the Judges

The idea of getting free food is interesting and the illustration is pretty good and adorable! The coloring of the white snow field and orange carrot is also what makes it a good piece!

asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award

Title: Bug organic / オーガニック虫
Manga artist: Aeart (Thailand)

Congratulations on winning the asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award! We are looking forward to seeing more works from you!

asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN賞

Comments from the Judges

The illustration is so colorful and well-balanced. Depicting the cruel world of the food chain system in a humorous way! It makes you want to read more of these stories!

"The 6th Kitakyushu International Manga Competition" Outline

- Application period: Tuesday 1st June 2021 - to 2:00 PM (Japan Standard Time) - Wednesday 1st September 2021

- 1,271 applications: [General Division] Japan: 573, Overseas: 213 [Junior Division] Japan: 478, Overseas: 7
[Theme] "食べる" / "Eat" (same for General Division, Junior Division)
[Genre] Four-panel manga
- Final Screening Judges
 [Guest Judge] Matsumoto Leiji (Manga artist)
 Ueyama Tochi (Manga artist), Hagiiwa Mutsumi (Manga artist), Tabuchi Koji (Editorial Department at Kodansha’s Weekly Morning)
Official Website: https://kitakyushu-mangataisho.com/en/

*Award Winning Works / artists
[General Division]
 Grand Prize: "Common Raccoon" by Robofree (Shizuoka Pref., Japan)
 Overseas Participant Award: "Potato Deviation" by Park Hee-Won (Korea)
 Manga Museum Award: "Favorite Way to Eat" by Orekata! (Saitama Pref., Japan)
 Cultural City Of East Asia Special Award: "Snowman" by Ninap (Canada)
 asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award: "Bug organic" by Aeart (Thailand)
 TOKIWA Creator Award: "Can You Still Eat?" by Misaki Teruhiko (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 Matsumoto Leiji Special Award: "Diving Soda" by Seo Seong-Gwan (Korea)
 Ueyama Tochi Special Award: "Soba Noodle Restaurant" by Mugiyomo (Saitama Pref., Japan)
 Hagiiwa Mutsumi Special Award: "Live On" by Aipero (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 Kodansha Special Award: "Service" by Nozaki Shoichi (Kyoto Pref., Japan)

[Junior Division]
 - Junior Award - (8works):
 "Being Eaten..." by Ahchan (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 "Rice Topped with Egg" by Omochi (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 "Food Chain (?)" by Kawamoto Kaoru (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 "Mysterious Slit-mouthed Woman final by Higa Itsuki (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 "Truth about Ants" by Matsuno Akira (Tokyo, Japan)
 "Circle and Jostle" by Ruka (Fukuoka Pref, Japan)
 "One More Step!" by RiRi (Fukuoka Pref., Japan)
 "The Jungle Law" by Miao Ziqing (China)



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