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"Một trăm" - a new tapioca milk tea store opened in front of the Hakata station! Now launching limited-time and limited-quantity beverage in collaboration with "Hakata Torimon"!

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100% fresh handmade tapioca meets ingredients made in Fukuoka♪

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
The tapioca drinks remain its popularity without ended as a transient boom. If you are looking for something new, it is recommended to visit the store "Một trăm Hakataekimae Branch" which is newly opened on Tuesday 14 July. In order to satisfy your curiosity, we have done a research on their 100% fresh handmade tapioca and the collaboration with local brands using ingredients made in Fukuoka!

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trămThe Hakataekimae Branch is the second store in Fukuoka after the first Daimyo Branch. It is within walking distance from Hakata Station Chikushi Exit♪

"Một trăm" means "100" in Vietnamese. They are particular about providing 100% handmade tapioca, which is freshly made every morning at the store using tapioca flour from Vietnam without adding any binding agent. This fully represents the quality of the brand name - "100".

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
There are 2 collaboration menu that use local ingredients in Fukuoka Prefecture. One of them is "Meccha (lit.: Very) Một trăm Hakata Torimon Milk" which is in collaboration with "Hakata Torimon" (a well-known Fukuoka confection), only available at the Hakataekimae Branch. By blending Fukuoka-produced milk and the delicate sweetness of Shiroan (white bean paste) from the "Hakata Torimon" together, it creates a perfect match with the warm and chewy condensed milk tapioca!

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
"Meccha Một trăm Hakata Torimon Milk" is a limited-time beverage selling only 100 cups per day, until Sunday 16 August.

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
There is a partition in the middle of the bag that helps hold the cups firmly. No more worries for taking away!
Another flavour is "Koi (lit.: Rich) Yame Matcha Milk", blending matcha milk and the delicious chewy tapioca together perfectly. With its moderate sweetness and refreshing aftertaste that is so therapeutic, I wonder how not to get addicted to it! The menu will be changed in about 6 weeks, and it is likely to see similar new menu launching in the future, using local ingredients as well. Can't wait to try them! (Editorial Dept.: Text / Non, Photo / Gon)

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
生タピオカ専⾨店Một trămBesides the collaboration menu with "Hakata Torimon", there are 5 other flavours (when we visited). Which shall I try first?

生タピオカ専⾨店Một trăm
A long queue on the opening day!


Fresh handmade tapioca specialty store Một trăm Hakataekimae Branch
- Address: 6-2 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuka-shi Japan
- Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00 (*Offering takeaway only. Shop will be closed when tapioca is sold out.)
- Official Website: https://mottram100.com/
- Facebook: HERE!
- Instagram: @mottram100


めっちゃモッチャム博多通りもんミルクFollowing the opening of Fresh handmade tapioca specialty store Một trăm Hakataekimae Branch, we are giving out drink tickets (2 cups of M size) of "Meccha Một trăm Hakata Torimon Milk" (limited edition menu at Hakataekimae Branch) to 3 winners who will be drawn at random!

[Application Period] 27th July 2020 - Sunday 2nd August 2020
*Please note: In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the giveaways will be limited to residents in Japan only this time.

The application period is now over. Thank you!

*Winners will be sent prizes without prior announcement.

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