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BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show - Special Report

BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show
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The first half of the show had a distinctly Japanese vibe while the second showcased their awesome dance tunes!

BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show
BATTEN GIRLS performed live on Sunday 3rd July 2022 at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. This special anniversary show was held to mark seven years since the Fukuoka and Kyushu-based idol group first formed. The venue was packed... Close to 1,000 fans converged in the hall ready to be blown away. All six members of the group responded by delivering a wonderful set. It was amazing to witness their composed and professional demeanour! Read our report to find out more about this special performance.

For the performance, a Japanese-style room was built on stage that was divided into six segments. Each member of the group appeared in their own section. Everyone had a Japanese umbrella that was decorated in their own unique color. They started the show with a rendition of the mysterious track "YOIMIYA." After their hit song "OiSa," they performed tunes like "Killer Killer Smile" and "Takashimashi xxx Monogatari." The crowd was even treated to a bit more of "OiSa" during the interval between tracks. It was a really cool arrangement!
BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show
BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show
The girls stopped to talk a little bit in the middle of the concert. It was at this point the atmosphere of the show started to change; the mysterious vibe in the air made way to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When the group started chatting with the crowd, it was as if they were just communicating with a friend. The girls pointed to the Japanese-style room in the staging and called out "This is my house!" They also spoke about a drawing of the crescent moon, which was featured in the set design. They said "Did you see the moon last night? It looked just like this picture of the moon here!" The audience really enjoyed these interactive moments!

During the the second half of the show, the group performed dance tunes such as "Swingin' Time" and "Jump! Jump! Jump!" As mentioned earlier, the Japanese-style set transformed to a pop concert stage that incorporated the members own colors. The six members started jumping and headbanging! The group got the audiences super hyped with a performance of their latest summer tune "Kouno Minato." The crowd got even more excited when the song reached the chorus, which begins with a big "yeah!" The atmosphere inside the venue was electric!
BATTEN GIRLS 7th Anniversary Live Show
In total, the group performed 18 songs at their 7th Anniversary concert. All the songs were accompanied by super energetic choreography but they didn't even seem to be out of breath! The audience was treated to brilliant dance routines throughout the entire show. It was such an immersive experience for everyone in the venue. All the fans could join in without an issue! The way that the newest members interacted with the rest of the group was awesome. Rirua and Miyu joined BATTEN GIRLS last year. However, it looks as if they been together forever! They also announced that they will be performing at a Japanese music festival called SUMMER SONIC this August (2022)! We can't wait to see what the future holds for this awesome group!


BATTEN GIRLS / ばってん少女隊

- Official Website: https://battengirls.com/
- Twitter: @battengirls_jp
- Instagram: @but_show.insta
- YouTube: HERE!
*Photo provided by: STARDUST PROMOTION,INC.

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