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"The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki" opens at Fukuoka Art Museum! Mr. Tomino takes to the stage at the opening event! (1/9)

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The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
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With 3,000 items on display! Terrific passion and number of words packed in this enormous exhibition!

The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
A commemorative talk event was held at the opening of "The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki: A Retrospective of Legendary Anime Director ― Gundam, Ideon, and Now" exhibition at Fukuoka Art Museum on Saturday 22 June 2019. Director Tomino sat on the stage in "seiza" style, and said, "this exhibition is called 'The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki,' so I'm not a guest," welcomed the visitors as the host, promptly letting loose with "Tomino Lines"!

The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
Director 富野由悠季 (Tomino Yoshiyuki)

The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
The venue was buried in Tomino's fans, 180 of whom had been chosen by lottery to be there. The competitive ratio of winning this ticket was 6 times!

The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
The exhibition consists of six sections. The curators from the six venues / museums (Fukuoka, Hyogo, Shimane, Aomori, Toyama, and Shizuoka) took charge of each section, using as inspiration the enormous amount of material, totalling 3,000 items that included animation cels, storyboards, designs, plastic models, proposals and so on, to unravel the anime production process, drama making, and universe of Director Tomino.
The World of Tomino YoshiyukiThere are lots of items on display and all of which are very informative! You can easily spend one hour or two! I was surprised to find that when an hour had passed, I was still at the second section!!!

At the talk, Director Tomino spoke candidly: "Laying out my works like this, I recognized the periods when I was at my peak and when I declined. It was a harsh experience, but the opening of the exhibition was a good thing." Also, when a curator revealed, "We considered an exhibition structure that would allow 'V Gundam's Katejina to rest her soul", the director replied that "When we created Katejina, I was mentally exhausted. Katejina has probably already been called to heaven." To the question, "From where do you conceive your design?" Tomino answered, "Actually, I didn't touch the issue of putting the Gundams into action at all" invited laughter. At the same time, while holding up the example of A BAOA QUI's model/design, Tomino said, "I learned things about the universe, and then I put it into the anime." An exchange approaching the real image of the director developed! At the end, Tomino also alluded to the future of humanity. "The ability of people today to imagine the future is weakening. Forcefully, he said that "more than theories about the future", "perspectives on the future" that consider our children and grandchildren are what make society."
The World of Tomino Yoshiyuki
The World of Tomino YoshiyukiWriting requesting modification of the lines of the face in a rough sketch of "Gundam Mk-II." Also, take a look at the comment, "ガンダムは好男子!" (lit.: Gundam is a handsome / nice guy!"

The exhibition is until Sunday 1 September 2019. Actually, Director Tomino declared (accidentally!?) that his newest work, the theatrical version of the "Gundam Reconguista in G" will be shown first at the museum this August. Can it be a reality!? Check the Fukuoka Art Museum's site as needs be! >> (Details are here!)


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