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Special interview - 11 questions with BATTEN GIRLS!

Let's dive into the world of BATTEN GIRLS!
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Music Scene Music Scene Music Scene Music Scene Music Scene Music Scene
Check out our interview with BATTEN GIRLS! We asked the Fukuoka/Kyushu-based idol group 11 quick fire questions! Here are their unique answers!

Find out more about the member's favorite anime and night time routines! Their answers ooze individuality!


What was your dream job when you were little?

Kiyama Ai: I wanted to be a beautiful woman!
Ueda Riko: I wanted to be a cabin crew on international flights.
Haruno Kiina: I wanted to be a researcher or broadcaster. I loved science experiments!
Seta Sakura: I wanted to be a manga artist because I loved drawing.
Aoi Rirua: I wanted to become an idol or a "PRECURE", or a princess!
Yanagi Miyu: I always wanted to be an idol, too!

What is your favorite snack?

Ai: I love sweet potatoes. I'm so happy when I have sweet potato snacks. I really like dried sweet potatoes and imo-kenpi (candied sweet potato sticks)!
Riko: "Jagarico" is an absolute necessity! I've also recently got into chocolate flavored "Tabekko Suizokukan."
Kiina: Karinto manju (deep-fried snack coated with brown sugar)! I like sugary snacks that have a crunchy exterior!
Sakura: I love marshmallows!
Rirua: Karikari-ume (crispy pickled plums)! I really like sour-flavored things!
Miyu: I'm totally addicted to dried mangoes and dried ume/plums!

What item do you always have in your refrigerator?

Ai: Hikiwari natto (crushed natto). I eat one pot a day!
Riko: Cafe au lait. I drink it every morning.
Kiina: Milk and eggs. I always have them in my fridge!
Sakura: I love fizzy drinks. I really like coke! I start drinking it early in the morning!
Rirua: Water!
Miyu: My favorite tomatoes!
Ueda Riko

What is your favorite anime or manga?

Ai: "DETECTIVE CONAN!" I'm not sure who I prefer more Shinichi or Conan? I love them both... I can't decide!
Riko: "HAIKYU!!" My sister told me to check it out!
Kiina: "BLEACH!" I love the characters! They are so cool!
Sakura: I'm really into "Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-." Rem-chan is my favorite character!
Rirua: I like "Soreike! Anpanman." My favorite character is Akachanman!
Miyu: I like an old manga about ballet called "Toe Shoes!"

Who is your favorite idol or artist?

Ai: I like Momoiro Clover Z. We are in the same agency but they are a senior to us. We took a photo together with a Cheki (instax) camera. I carry that picture with me everyday!
Riko: Right now I'm pretty much only listening "Kami ha Saikoro wo Furanai."
Kiina: I absolutely love the band "UVERworld." I got into them as soon as I heard their music! I'm also really into "RADWIMPS."
Sakura: I like Amuro Namie. My mum got me into her music. She's been my idol since I was little. I've always looked up to her!
Rirua: I got into idols because of AKB48. I love their passion!
Miyu: My older brother got me into AIMYON.
Aoi Rirua

Do you have any advice for people who want to improve their dance skills? What are your top tips?

Ai: I'll watch a video and then practice in front of a mirror while I make adjustments.
Riko: I watch "BLACKPINK" videos. I dance like I'm a member of the group!
Kiina: I try to watch good dancers. Then I try to think about how to improve while I'm practising.
Sakura: I'm not good at dancing, but I try to enjoy myself and have a great time.
Rirua: We dance a lot! I try to practice as much as possible to ensure that my body remembers all the steps and the routine becomes second nature.
Miyu: I often watch videos of lessons and rehearsals because I can't figure it out just by practising in front of a mirror.
Seta Sakura Kiyama Ai

Live performances require a lot of energy. Can you tell us what food gives you the stamina to perform?

Ai: I like to to eat meat before a live show and sweet potatoes after it's finished!
Riko: I would probably say meat, too. I have steak the night before a performance and then afterwards I get yakiniku (grilled meat) to celebrate!
Kiina: Meat! Steak is definitely a good option if you want extra energy and stamina!
Sakura: I like instant noodles! Its something I eat before and after a live show. I even eat ramen at the hotels (lol)!
Rirua: I try to build up my stamina by eating lean, non-greasy red meat!
Miyu: Fruit! I always feel better after I've eaten it! I really love mango!

What magical power would you like to have and how would you use it?

Ai: I would like to fly through the sky and help people in need!
All: That sounds like Anpanman (lol)!
Riko: I would like to be able to go abroad whenever I want. I love to travel by plane! I also really like the time when you are moving from place to place!
Kiina: I wish that I wouldn't get tired or sleepy. Then I could do so much more!
Sakura: I would like to multiply myself by ten! Then there could be five versions of me playing games and the rest could work or take care of stuff at my house!
Rirua: I would like to be a princess! I'd live in a castle and wear lots of gorgeous clothes!
Miyu: I'm not good at waking up in the morning, so I'd like to fly into the sky and make the most of the morning.
Yanagi Miyu Ueda Riko

What is your at-home look? What kind of thing do you wear when you relax?

Ai: Short sleeves and shorts in the summer. Something warm and fluffy in the winter.
Riko: In the Summer, I wear big T-shirts and shorts. In the Winter, I wear fleece lined sweatshirts or fluffy pyjamas!
Kiina: Short-sleeved shirts and shorts when it's Summer. A hoodie and slippers when it's Winter!
Sakura: Tank tops in the summer and fluffy pyjamas in the winter!
Rirua: I wear long sleeve shirts and long pants all year round. I don't like feeling cold when the air conditioning is turned on in the Summer!
Miyu: Light, cool pants are essential for the Summer. Fluffy pyjamas for the Winter.

What is your night time routine? What do you do before bed?

Ai: I put a scent into my humidifier and turn it on!
Riko: I read manga on my smartphone.
Kiina: I moisturize my body.
Sakura: I log in to a game (lol). Recently, I've been playing titles like "Genshin," "Apex Legends," and "UMAMUSUME PRETTY DERBY"!
Rirua: I stretch while listening to music. I usually put on Hirai Dai and AIMYON!
Miyu: I also turn on my humidifier.

Tell us about your favorite look. What kind of fashion do you like? What style did you go for today?

Ai: Today, I paired a dress with a short cardigan to create a girly look. I usually wear a lot of outfits with pants. I've already bought three pairs this year!
Riko: I pick garments that cover areas I feel a bit self-conscious about. I hide some parts of my body so that you can't see them (lol). Today, I'm wearing Spring-inspired green pants.
Kiina: I like clothes that look like they are made from a lot of material. I'm also into items that have a bit of a quirky shape. I usually wear black and white garments, but today I went for something green.
Sakura: In the past, I used to wear a lot of long skirts. But recently I've started wearing more miniskirts. You can see my designated (group member) color in the outer layers I'm wearing today!
Rirua: These days, I'm into shoes with a thick sole because my legs look longer. I also like big collars. I bought a headband for the first time, so I decided to wear it today!
Miyu: I like tops that have distinctive sleeves! I'm wearing something with puffy cuffs today!

* Interview conducted/photographs taken in Spring 2022
Kiyama Ai
Ueda Riko
Haruno Kiina
Seta Sakura
Aoi Rirua
Yanagi Miyu


BATTEN GIRLS / ばってん少女隊

- Official Website: https://battengirls.com/
- Twitter: @battengirls_jp
- Instagram: @battengirls_jp
- YouTube: HERE!

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