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Cat Furniture Manufactured in the "furniture town," Okawa City!

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You're sure to feel warm and fuzzy after watching these videos!

Okawa City Cat furnitureSome incredibly cute news has just come out of Okawa City, which is well-known as one of the leading furniture producing regions in the whole of Japan! Manufacturers in the local area are currently producing cat-sized furniture!

When you first see the furniture you might be tricked into thinking that all the pieces are normal size, but on closer inspection it is clear that they have actually been designed for cats! The site of cats lying down and relaxing on miniature furniture is pretty awesome! Simply watching the cats lazing around is relaxing in itself!

The 15-second TV commercials "Cat Sofa" and "Cat Bed," as well as the longer 60 second web video "We made cat furniture," show the elaborate detail that goes into creating this unique range. The videos provide some insight into the mindset of the craftspeople that manufacture furniture in the Okawa area. Their commitment and immense professionalism helps ensure that their products meet the various demands of consumers.

An information station called "Okawa Terrazza" opened in April earlier this year! The multi-purpose facility is packed full of local charm. Not only does the venue provide information about sightseeing in Okawa City, as well as the local handicrafts and furniture, it also sells a selection of interesting souvenirs! There is also a café section attached for anyone looking to sit down and relax! Both cat lovers and people interested in interior design are sure to enjoy the videos below! If you have time, why not head over to Okawa City and check-out the furniture in person! (Editorial Dept.: kurocco)

60 second web video "We made cat furniture"

15-second TV commercials "Cat Sofa"

15-second TV commercials "Cat Bed"

Cat Furniture Overview

Okawa City is undoubtedly one of the top furniture producing area in the country. With more than 150 furniture-related workshops in the region, Okawa is well-known as a hub of industry for more than 480 years, providing a base for an array of skilled craftspeople manufacturing everything from woodwork, to traditional crafts, glass, metal, and cutlery. These pieces of cat furniture have been created by skilled workers who come from this long lineage of local Okawa City artisans.

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