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[niconico Live cancelled] Kitakyushu City x niconico Live: "KitaQ Festival 2021" ― held online in late March♪

Culture Watch
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"KitaQ Festival 2021" niconico Live (live streaming) has been cancelled. (as of 12 March, 2021)

It was officially announced earlier that the "KitaQ Festival 2021" niconico Live (live streaming) which was scheduled to take place on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March, has been cancelled. For further information, please visit the official website / SNS accounts.

- Official Website: https://sp.walkerplus.com/kitakyufes/
- Twitter: @KitaQ_fes

HKT48 members, VTuber and voice actor doing livestream from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka!

KitaQ Festival
Key Visual: 八三 (Twitter: @xxhachisan)
Kitakyushu City is known for the "Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival", which is one of the largest Japanese pop culture festivals in Kyushu, and there is an upcoming unique event called "KitaQ Festival". With the purpose of promoting the appeal of Kitakyushu, it was held every year in Tokyo since 2017, but this year it will become livestream and is scheduled on 25 and 26 March (Thu & Fri)♪ Comedy trio "ROBERT" (tourism ambassadors of Kitakyushu City) will be giving a talk (message) at the beginning of both days' event. Guest appearances on the first day includes 3 members from HKT48 ― Oda Ayaka (from Kitakyushu), Tanaka Miku and Matsuoka Hana, as well as VTuber Siro, who will be introducing Kokura's gourmet food and real estate information.

On the second day, Kaneko Yuki (voice actor from Kitakyushu) and Tomaru Chiyo will share information on sightseeing spots and renovated properties in the Mojiko area where retro buildings remain! Access niconico Live's event page and you can watch for free on both days. In the latter half of the program, there will be talks by event guests on "KitaQ Supporter LINE@Friends Only"! The livestream video can easily be viewed anywhere so come discover the power of Kitakyushu! (Editorial Dept.: Nika)


"Kitakyushu City (Fukuoka Prefecture) x niconico Live: KitaQ Festival 2021"

- Official Website: https://sp.walkerplus.com/kitakyufes/
- Streaming Website:
  niconico Live [DAY1 | Thursday 25th March]
  niconico Live [DAY2 | Friday 26th March]

- Twitter: @KitaQ_fes
- KitaQ Supporter's LINE Registration: https://lin.ee/hCLRzsu

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