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Voice actor supporting event originated in Fukuoka ― "Next Stars Circle vol.6" ― scheduled on 26th September (Sunday)!

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Sato Gen (Chrome in "Dr.STONE") & Amasaki Kohei (Yamada Saburo in "HYPNOSISMIC: DIVISION RAP BATTLE") will be the guests!

Next Stars Circle vol.6
"Next Stars Circle" is a voice actor supporting event originated in Fukuoka that focuses on emerging voice actors "Next Stars". The 6th event has been scheduled on 26th September (Sun)! Voice actors invited to Fukuoka this time are Sato Gen, who voiced-over Tomozaki Fumiya in "TOMOZAKI-kun /The Low Tier Character" and Chrome in "Dr.STONE", and Amasaki Kohei who will be presented as special guest, whose voiceover works include Yamada Saburo in "HYPNOSISMIC: DIVISION RAP BATTLE" and Otto Suwen in "Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-"! Other than that, the MC will be Fukuoka-native comedian Matsuzaki Katsutoshi who loves anime and two dimensional characters.

The stage performance of "Next Stars Circle" is definitely a must-see, as you will be able to experience the fun and surprises, the voice actors' unknown attractive traits, through a unique Q&A session as well as their improvisational acting that shows off their talents♪ Currently, the "Next Stars Circle" official website is collecting portraits, illustrations, messages and questions for the 2 guests. Please check the official website for ticket information and other details! >> HERE! (Editorial Dept.: Gon)
* Please note: This event will be carried out in Japanese.


Next Stars Circle
- Official Website: https://nextstarscircle.planet-fukuoka.com/
- Twitter: @NextStarsCircle
- Instagram: @nextstarscircle

佐藤 元 (Sato Gen)
- Official Website (Profile): https://www.imenterprise.jp/profile.php?id=36

天﨑 滉平 (Amasaki Kohei)
- Official Website (Profile): https://www.imenterprise.jp/profile.php?id=11
- Twitter: @amasakikohei

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