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[Broadcast Postponed] Which voice actor agency is the strongest!? Here comes the card battle show "Trumpin' Beat", starts from January 2021!

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"Trumpin' Beat" Broadcast Postponed

According to the official website, as filming for "Trumpin' Beat" has been delayed due to declaration of a state of emergency, broadcast of the show is postponed, of which the premiere was originally scheduled on Friday, 15 January (as of 14.01.2021). For further information, please visit the official website / SNS accounts.

- Official Website: https://www.trumpinbeat.com/
- Twitter: @TrumpinBeat
- Facebook: @TrumpinBeat
- Instagram: @trumpinbeat

The battle of famous voice actors from different agencies!

Trumpin' Beat
Consists of about 50 cards, the card games are simple yet profound. The coming new show "Trumpin' Beat" features a number of famous voice actors from different agencies, battling against each other with the title of "the strongest in the voice actor world"! The show is hosted by a company based in Fukuoka - PLANET CO., LTD., who also hosted a Fukuoka voice actor event "Next Stars Circle", and it is scheduled to be broadcast from Friday 15th January 2021 on niconico channel (charges apply) and YouTube channel (partially free). The first episode begins with the exciting battle among leaders from the 4 major voice actor agencies, including 4 types of games: Old Maid, Sevens, I Doubt It, Concentration!

The players include Toriumi Kohsuke from ARTS VISION (plays Imaizumi Shunsuke in "YOWAMUSHI PEDAL", etc.), Seki Tomokazu from Atomic Monkey (plays Sneech /Suneo in "DORAEMON", etc.), Hatano Wataru from 81PRODUCE (plays Yaotome Gaku in "IDOLiSH7", etc.), Konishi Katsuyuki from KEN PRODUCTION (plays Sherlock Holmes in "KABUKICHO SHERLOCK", etc.)! Besides, Morikubo Showtaro (plays Nara Shikamaru in "NARUTO -ナルト-", etc.) is the game master who manages the progress, and the dealer is played by Kamio Shinichiro (plays Kiryu Kuro in "ENSEMBLE STARS!", etc.) who is known as an expert in magic!! Don't miss the precious chance to see the players' way of thinking and their personalities. Stay tuned for "Trumpin' Beat"! (Editorial Dept.: Nika)


Trumpin' Beat
- Official Website: https://www.trumpinbeat.com/
- niconico channel (ニコニコチャンネル): https://ch.nicovideo.jp/TrumpinBeat
- YouTube: HERE!
- Twitter: @TrumpinBeat
- Facebook: @TrumpinBeat
- Instagram: @trumpinbeat

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