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Fukutsu City | 宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)

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On top of the miraculous view, three "Japan No. 1s"! A spiritual site well known all over Japan!

Miyajidake Jinja
*Photo provided by 宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)
Miyajidake Jinja is a shrine in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. It is a serene, mysterious place, where flowers bloom in profusion throughout the four seasons. Twice each year, in February and October, if you are lucky, you might be able see a the road to the shrine, which, awash in sunlight, extends in a straight line to the Genkai Sea. This beautiful sight is called the "Path of Light" and has carried the shrine's name throughout the country. Miyajidake Jinja is also the shrine that possesses the "Three Japan No. 1s": the "大注連縄" [O-shimenawa] (lit.: Great/big Shimenawa), which is 2.6 metres in diameter, 11 metres long, and which weighs three tonnes; "大太鼓" [O-daiko] (lit.: Great/big Drum), which is 2.2 metres in diameter; and the copper-made "大鈴" [O-suzu] (lit.: Great/big Bell), which weighs 450 kilograms. Many pilgrims also come to visit the eight shrines inside the shrine precincts: "Oku no Miya Hachisha". (>> Details are here!) How about visiting to wish for good luck and better fortune? Don't miss out on seeing the divinely gold-glittering roof of the main hall, which will captivate you before you realize it!
Miyajidake Jinja
Miyajidake Jinja
*Photo provided by 宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)

Miyajidake Jinja
It seems that the best time to see the irises is until the middle of June! *Photo provided by 宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)

Miyajidake Jinja
Miyajidake Jinja
Miyajidake Jinja
Miyajidake Jinja
A lot of pilgrims gather at the road approaching the shrine in the season for the "Path of Light".

Fang-hsuanFang-hsuan: I've always wanted to go and see a shrine in Japan! It seems that if you're lucky, you might be able to see the famous sight, the "Path of Light" for a few days in February and October each year! Miyajidake Jinja is said to be efficacious for better fortune, commercial prosperity, and so on. Everyone, please do visit here on pilgrimage!

Miyajidake Jinja

Ya-deYa-de: We also went to the steps leading to the path/stairs approaching the shrine, the best spot for seeing the "光の道 (Path of Light)"! The view of the town from here is truly beautiful! Here's a picture of us sitting at a tea shop's bench on shrine precincts! May be this bench is the one that the famous Japanese idol group sat on (!?)! I recommend taking a breather here!

Miyajidake Jinja
Miyajidake Jinja
The fifth shrine, "恋の宮 (Koi no Miya)" (lit.: the Love Shrine), which is said to be efficacious in matchmaking.

Miyajidake Jinja
Snapping a commemorative photo with visitors in kimono!

Miyajidake JinjaHere's a picture of "houkimomo," usually in full bloom every April!*Photo provided by 宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)

宮地嶽神社 (Miyajidake Jinja)

Address: 7-1 Miyajimotomachi, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka-ken, JAPAN
Official Website : http://www.miyajidake.or.jp/
(Oku no Miya Hachisha) http://www.miyajidake.or.jp/okunomiya/

*All information correct as of March 2019.


Official Website:https://www.salire.info/s/

2019 asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassador|Taiwan Kawaii Ambassadors PROFILE

(from left) Taiwan Kawaii Ambassadors: 林雅得 (Lin Ya-de) and 許方瑄 (Hsu Fang-hsuan)

The two who were selected as Taiwan's representatives in the "2019 asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassadors Contest" toured around Fukuoka City and Fukutsu City! Introducing detailed information on the Kawaii Ambassadors in the pages of "[Feature] FACo2019"!
>> here!

Taiwanese Kawaii Ambassadors
■ Name: 林雅得 (Lin Ya-de)
■ Nickname: 得得, Ya-de
■ Link: Facebook / Instagram

■ Name:許方瑄 (Hsu Fang-hsuan)
■ Nickname: 方方, Fang-hsuan
■ Link: Instagram

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