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[MON and STAY’s "full-on" Fukuoka Trip] Miyajidake Shrine (宮地嶽神社)(1/9)

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MON and STAY's
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Seasonal events, an abundance of nature, and the much spoken about scenery… There is just so much to see!

"Miyajidake Jinja (宮地嶽神社)" is a shrine that is located in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture and has a history stretching back around 1,700 years. The honden (main hall) is a great spectacle, but there is actually a total of 8 shrines located inside the grounds, which together make up the popular "Oku no Miya Hachisha Meguri" (practice of visiting all 8 shrines).

And if you visit Miyajidake Jinya, make sure you also take in the stunning view of the stone steps that lead to the road approaching below. The image of the sun setting over the sea and the light stretching unbroken from the shrine down to the road is famous all over the country as the "Hikari no Michi" (Path of Light).

Miyajidake Jinja
The shimenawa rope that adorns the front of the honden (main shrine) is one of the biggest in Japan!

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Miyajidake Jinja (宮地嶽神社)

-Address: 7-1 Motomachi Miyaji, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka-ken
-Telephone number: 0940-52-0016
(Using the expressway)
- From Fukuoka City: Take the Kyushu Expressway. Get off at the Koga IC. From there approximately a 15 minute drive.
- From Kitakyushu City: Take the Kyushu Expressway. Get off at the Wakamiya IC. From there approximately a 15 minute drive.
(Using public/general road)
- From Tenjin, Fukuoka: Take the Japan National Route 3 for 50 minutes
- From Kokura, Kitakyushu City: Take the Japan National Route 3 for 70 minutes
From JR Fukuma station: Approximately 5 minutes by bus (or taxi). Approximately 25 minutes on foot.
- Admission: free
- Goshuin (御朱印) - stamp of the shrine - : 300 yen per shrine
Official Website : http://www.miyajidake.or.jp/
(Oku no Miya Hachisha) http://www.miyajidake.or.jp/okunomiya/
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