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DOGENGERS in various places around the city

Real-life Locations Tour
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Lots of Fukuoka local things featured! Stay-tuned to the 2nd season as well!

DOGENGERS"Take the medicine and sleep" - Ohga Man's famous quote. This show depicts local heroes in Fukuoka and has become a hot topic nationwide!
Have you watched the Tokusatsu (SFX) series DOGENGERS (aired from April to June this year), which brings all of the Fukuoka local heroes together? We started watching it casually because it was set in Fukuoka, but was completely captivated by the easy-going yet fun, lively story!! I began to realize why this local TV series of Fukuoka is going viral on Twitter every week. The story depicts Tanaka Jiro (played by Masaki Kaoru), the protagonist, gathered all of the Fukuoka local heroes to fight and bring peace back to the region when Fukuoka has been occupied by "Aku no Himitsu Kessha (lit.: The secret society of evil)". It sounds like a normal superhero story, however, we got so excited when we recognized some of the places in Fukuoka, like Nishijin Shotengai on TV! Sometimes I cannot help but keep making fun of some of the scenes, especially the one that depicts the "actual" financial statement as one of the props during the program! The show ended on Sunday 28th June, but a second production has been confirmed after that. Stay tuned to DOGENGERS, a series that is gaining more and more attention nationwide!
The opening scene where KitaQman (Hero from Kitakyushu City) polishes his car was shot at Kinin Park!

Shikanoshima, Nokonoshima... is Fukuoka being targeted by "Aku no Himitsu Kessha (lit.: The secret society of evil)"!!?
DOGENGERSElbrave (active in Nakama City) and other heroes are confronting the villain - Yabai Kamen, at Marinoa City Fukuoka! (Ep.1)
DOGENGERSThe battle at Canal City Hakata. The younger brother KitaQman Metal takes the place of his elder brother KitaQman, who is not fighting seriously. (Ep.3)
DOGENGERSIt is so nice to see Masaki Kaoru (actor who plays Tanaka Jiro and Ohga Man Rookie), he has some comforting feeling♪ This is a scene in Ep.3 shot at Kashiikaen!
A scene in Ep.4 that depicts Yamashiron and his comrades serving curry at Nokonoshima Island Park!
The decent hero, Fukuokalibur who wears Hakataori was engage in a battle at Maiduru Park in Ep.6.
DOGENGERSYabai Kamen gets furious and declared a war on the Fukuoka heroes in Ep.9. The place is Tsubame no Mori Hiroba rooftop garden at JR Hakata City.


- Official Website: https://dogengers.com/
- Twitter: @dogengers
- Aku no Himitsu Kessha: Official Website: https://akunohimitsukessya.com/
- Cast
 吹王火剣フクオカリバー (Fukuokalibur): Twitter @fukuokalibur
 キタキュウマン (KitaQman): Twitter @kita_q_man
 キタキュウマンメタル (KitaQman Metal): Twitter @kita_q_man_mtl
 薬剤戦師Ohga Man (Ohga Man): Twitter @ohga_man
 ヤマシロン (Yamashiron): Twitter @yamashiron_mid
 天元の勇者エルブレイブ (Elbrave): Twitter @brave555braves
 ヤバイ仮面 (Yabai Kamen): Twitter @yabai_kamen
 シャベリーマン (Shaberry Man): Twitter @shaberry_man
 正木郁 (Masaki Kaoru) Twitter:@ksfa79

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